How to choose a hat for spring 2021

For fashion enthusiasts, every season is exciting because it brings something new to try on. But even if you don’t follow the latest trends, you can still be excited about changing your wardrobe. It’s very refreshing to go to a store and buy some nice new clothes for the new season but it’s also nice to just bring out the clothes from last season. It is especially refreshing in spring when you can put away your heavy winter clothes and can fully show off your sense of style with something nice and light. As for headwear, it definitely feels good to swap the winter hat for the more lightweight spring hat. 

 Things to keep in mind when choosing a hat 

Choosing the perfect hat to wear in spring is not an easy task. First of all, you need to choose a hat that complements your features. Not all hats are suitable for every kind of face shape. There are some types of hats that you can look good in no matter what your face shape is. The flat cap is the best example of that. Of course, it depends on the type of flat cap. If you have a small and round face, a newsboy cap would look best on you.  If your face is long, then you need a peaked flat cap that sits low on your forehead. For bigger faces, a slim-bodied flat cap would work best. You can find the perfect hat for you from this large range of Irish flat caps. Another thing to consider when choosing a hat is the size. Hats have to fit comfortably. Last but not least, choose the right color. You’ve probably heard multiple times throughout your life that some colors particularly suit you. So you should definitely keep that in mind when choosing your spring hat. 

What’s trendy this season? 

This season’s accessories are all about that sense of irreverence and levity. Quirky hats are in this season! For fans of the quirky style, the oversized bowler hat is a perfect choice. It’s an eccentric and fun look that will definitely not go unnoticed. Crocheted hats are also very popular Since this season is all about being nonchalant, it’s no wonder that baseball hats and bucket hats are so popular. They are perfect for a sporty casual or a streetwear look. A crocheted bucket hat or one with a floral design would also go very well with a dress or a skirt. Straw hats made of fabric are also very fashionable this season because they are quirky and very stylish. Another hat that is popular is the sun hat. It’s not new this season, it’s a style that you can see on fashion shows year after year. There are many more hats that you can choose this season, some more classic, others more eccentric. The most important thing is to choose something that fits you and your style and wear it with confidence!

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