Top 5 things to do in San Diego


Do you know why the city of San Diego is a hub for tourists? If no, then read to know why!

The city is on its coastal city in Southern California which is located just north of the Mexican border. Hence, the city has plenty of reasons to be visiting its famous streets and sights. In addition, the city is home to things to do in San Diego that are firmly on the tourist trail. You can find there is much to do on a long vacation here!


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1. Go for the Kayak your way around the 7 Caves of La Jolla


Rush to the La Jolla which offers the best place to visit. At this place, you will find a lot of quintessential things to do when you’re in San Diego. Adore the beautiful coastal caves here – 7 of them. You can find this La Jolla located inside a 75-million-year-old cliff. The La Jolla is a perfect place to explore by kayak. This La Jolla has caves where each cave has a unique name: the list includes White Lady, Little Sister, Shopping Cart, Sea Surprise, the Arch Cave, Sonny Jim’s Cave, and Clams Cave. So, plan a trip here to learn about that when you’re there. 

2. Rush to the Old Town


The old town of San Diego is an awesome place to enjoy. A lot of people come here to enjoy a ton of delicious places to eat. The city is popular for its Mexican food. Here, you will find a lot of authentic places to dig into that’ll offer some of the best Mexican food. So, find out some on the side of the border where the trick is knowing exactly where to go.

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3. go for a trip to Rosarito Beach


If you love water areas, then hop into Rosarito Beach. the city is by the coast and has a lot of shorelines for you to explore. Make a trip to this Southern Californian city to enjoy the beaches feature heavily. The city offers skipping across the border to Mexico to capture pretty cool results in terms of beaches. This Rosarito Beach has located a 45-minute drive south. 


4. Cruise the harbor


Enjoy the city on two feet, on two wheels, or even on four wheels if you feel like it. you can know what the city looks like as a whole from the sea. Have the pleasure of enjoying plenty of boats to hop on to cruise along the harbour. Come here to marvel at the San Diego skyline from afar.

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5. visit the Little Italy Mercato Farmers’ Market


When you are craving Mexican food, then here we are recommending visiting the district of Little Italy, which is the Mercato Farmers’ Market. The Mercato Farmers’ Market is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This Mercato Farmers’ Market is packed full of more than 150 vendors selling all sorts of fresh produce from across the region. 


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