3 Key Factors to Discuss With Your Doctor Before Scheduling Your Nose Surgery


Before undergoing rhinoplasty for functional or cosmetic reasons, you must know what to expect from the surgery, how much it costs, and how long it will take to recover at home. Planning with a qualified surgeon and being educated about every operation stage helps you release stress and be mentally prepared for the surgery. 

v  Meeting your doctor before the nose surgery for a consultation 

Before you schedule your nose surgery, you should meet your doctor to discuss your desired expectations, queries, and concerns. This meeting generally includes a one-to-one consultation about- 

1.       Your medical history: Your doctor will ask you why you want the surgery and what are your expected goals. If you have hemophilia, a bleeding disorder, you might not be an ideal candidate for the surgery. Your medical history and past medical reports are examined to see if there is any link to your condition (if you are undergoing a functional rhinoplasty). 

2.       A physical examination: Your doctor will ask you to undergo a complete physical exam with some blood tests before the surgery. This examination helps the doctor to determine the extent of changes to be made to your nose, like, for example, the cartilage at the tip of your nose, the thickness of the skin, etc. They will also carefully examine your facial features and the internal and external structure of the nose. This physical examination is critical for determining the surgery’s impact on your breathing. 

3.       Before and after Photographs- Your nose will be photographed from different angles at the doctor’s chamber, and the surgeon might use computer imaging to manipulate these photographs to show you the expected results of the surgery. These photographs help your surgeon focus on specific areas better so that the goals of the surgery are successfully met. The surgeon will use these photographs for the before- and- after-surgery assessment records that they keep for long-term reference and reviews. 

v  Choose an experienced surgeon

You must choose an experienced surgeon with a proven track record to get natural-looking results and manage complications better in case they surface. Ensure you check patient testimonials and online clinic reviews before booking your consultation with the doctor. 

v  Realistic Expectations 

Every operation is different, and your surgeon will give you an honest assessment of your condition and its outcome. You might feel uncomfortable when it comes to speaking about your facial features and appearance at the beginning with a healthcare specialist you barely know. However, this discussion with your surgeon is a normal part of the consultation process to help you understand the outcome of the operation. You should have realistic expectations about the nose surgery to ensure it is safe and free from any health-related complications. 

After the surgery is completed and you are discharged from the medical facility, you need to rest and take good care of yourself at home. Your doctor will give you detailed instructions on the home-care dos and don’ts to follow to promote safe healing until your next appointment for a thorough check-up. 

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