Leveraging Toll-Free Numbers to Build Brand Trust and Recognition

 At this point, it is proven that toll-free numbers are the best option for answering customer care or support calls from all across the nation to offer effective customer service. 

Any business can buy toll-free numbers to build their brand trust and recognition today. Many call centers say that 80% of incoming calls must be answered within 20 seconds. Unsurprisingly, toll-free numbers can help you reach this speed and build trust with your customers. 

What is a toll-free number, though, really? Is one necessary for your company’s customer service, and how does it operate? In this article, you can read answers to these questions. But mainly, you can learn how toll free numbers help build trust and recognition, so continue reading:

What is a toll-free number?

A phone number that starts with a code, typically 800, 888, 877, or 866, designates it as a toll-free number. This means that callers can make calls to this number free of cost. Originally launched in the 1960s, toll-free lines are now a crucial tool for any company looking to guarantee that their clients can get in touch with them without difficulty. 

Some facts about toll-free numbers:

·         Since they let consumers ask questions without having to pay for the call, they are quite helpful for customer service, sales, and support teams. 

·         When making long-distance calls, people are choosing toll-free numbers more and more because they can be called from mobile devices as well. 

·         In general, companies that want to offer top-notch communication and customer service can greatly benefit from having toll-free numbers. 

The benefits of using a toll-free number for building trust

Having a toll-free number can mean the world for your clients. Here are the many advantages that come with toll-free numbers:

Enhancing customer experience:

Do you know that a positive customer experience might result in customers offering 16% more? Your clients' experience can be greatly improved with a toll-free number. 

Customers can contact your business more frequently and without hesitation because they can call you at no cost. This encourages consumer loyalty and trust by making you seem approachable and communication-friendly to your clients.

Better customer service:

87% of customers desire proactive customer care from the companies they do business with. Having toll-free numbers can help your business's customer service in this area. 

One way to potentially relieve some of the strain on other departments is to offer a separate phone line for customer assistance. Consequently, this enables you to offer your clients superior and more efficient help and support, thereby raising their degree of happiness. 

Increased brand credibility:

As already said above, according to many call centers, 80% of incoming calls must be answered within 20 seconds. Your brand's credibility can be greatly enhanced by having a toll-free number. 

Consumers identify more reputable and well-established companies with their catchy toll-free numbers. Thus, you will be able to build confidence in your business that was impossible before by having a toll free number. Toll-free numbers show your dedication to your customers and make them appreciate how convenient you made contact options for them. 

Measurable results:

Making use of a toll-free number might yield quantifiable outcomes that will assist you in making well-informed business decisions. You can determine the most frequent issues, such as product complaints and billing questions, by monitoring the calls made through your toll-free number. By doing this, you can pinpoint areas that require development, enabling you to create a better plan that better serves the demands of your customer base. 

Wider customer outreach:

Your business can connect with potential clients worldwide by having toll free numbers. 74% of buyers say they would at least somewhat base their purchase on their experiences. 

This has the potential to attract new clients who might not have found you previously. Furthermore, it offers your clients a free means to call your company from anywhere in the world if they reside outside of your area code. 

How to buy and set up a toll-free number?

Choose a company that is renowned for its extensive solutions before you buy and set up a toll-free number. Verify the availability of your desired prefixes, such as 888 or 800. Select a recognizable and memorable number. 

Select call forwarding and routing strategies based on your company's requirements. You can personalize also voicemails and greetings for better customer experience. 

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you have learned how to use toll-free numbers to build brand trust and recognition. When hiring toll free service providers, verify if they offer all the necessary toll-free service features needed for your company. 

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