Getting the most from your current role

The global health crisis has significantly transformed the employment landscape, potentially altering it permanently.

Amid the increasing trend of companies providing improved employment benefits, including the option for flexible work arrangements advertised by 38% of employers and pay raises reported by 44%, a significant portion (37%) of employees in the UK are contemplating switching positions.

If you are considering hybrid or remote working arrangements for the sake of your well-being, or if you have heightened salary expectations due to the unstable economy, you may be contemplating a new job. However, given the current influx of job seekers and the possibility of oversaturation, it is important to carefully evaluate your motivations before reentering the candidate pool.

Before contemplating resignation, it is crucial to evaluate what you seek in your profession and whether it can be attained within your current position. Hence, the question arises: Is there actually a greener pasture, or is it a matter of cultivating the path you're already treading upon?

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Evaluating Your Present Situation

Leaving your job should not be approached casually, even in light of the shifting employment landscape resulting from the 'Great Resignation' - a term used to describe the significant rise in voluntary resignations among workers in 2021. The decision to leave one's job requires careful consideration and should not be taken lightly.

Naturally, there are individuals who are compelled to switch careers due to circumstances, such as moving or being unable to maintain the same working hours. Nevertheless, a significant number of workers opt for a different trajectory because they find discontentment in their present positions.

Recruitment procedures can be quite lengthy and emotionally draining, presenting challenges that can be minimised by assessing if your existing employer is capable of meeting your requirements more effectively.

Employers in the present hiring environment typically implement various strategies, such as conducting performance evaluations and addressing employee grievances, to ensure that their workforce is content and satisfied with their working conditions.

If you find yourself unsatisfied, expressing your concerns may initiate the necessary change. For example, you may be unhappy with the communication approach in your workplace. Excessive or overly critical feedback can undermine your self-assurance, while inadequate feedback can impede your progress or make you feel unappreciated.

Moreover, you might experience a dearth of opportunities for advancing your career. To address this concern, your employer can take the initiative to regularly engage in conversations about your future aspirations and provide the necessary support for your growth while setting achievable objectives.

By analysing the various aspects of your experience, you have the opportunity to make informed and effective adjustments to your work habits. This will increase your chances of finding satisfaction without the need for a major career change. However, if you still feel dissatisfied even after implementing these measures, it may be appropriate to explore other options.

Making the choice to progress

There are numerous factors that may influence your decision to resign or pursue opportunities with another organisation.

If certain indications are appearing in your life, it may be a sign that you are prepared for a fresh undertaking.

  • Feeling anxious about the beginning of the workweek.

  • Absenteeism without valid cause.

  • Dealing with detrimental professional jealousy.

  • Not experiencing enough stimulation or encountering excessive difficulties.

  • Experiencing a sense of seclusion

If any of the aforementioned seems recognizable, it would be advisable to explore alternative employment options. It has recently been revealed that the quantity of job openings surpasses the number of jobless individuals in the United Kingdom, which serves as a compelling indication of the burgeoning job market and the wide array of prospects accessible.

Before you begin your search, it is essential to establish precise and achievable objectives in order to streamline your job search efforts. Determine the level of responsibility you require to experience fulfilment, prioritise the company culture that aligns with your values, and consider refining your skills to reach your desired career destination.

Ensuring that you regularly update both your CV and LinkedIn profile can be beneficial in preparing for potential job opportunities. Collaborating with a recruiter can also accelerate the hiring process. Seek assistance from a professional in the field who can guide you toward the most suitable positions that align with your preferences, thus saving you significant time and effort.

Experienced recruiters possess the ability to provide recommendations tailored to your specific background and preferences, identifying potential job opportunities that may have escaped your notice. Moreover, they are skilled in guiding you through the entire job transition process, from resigning from your current position to seamlessly integrating into a new one. Leveraging their extensive network, recruiters ensure that you secure an ideal role aligned with your professional aspirations.

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