Most Popular Things to Jackson


Jackson, which is ideally located at the junction of Interstates 20 and 55, is the most populous city in the state and the capital of Mississippi. There are many excellent museums in Jackson that focus on a variety of subjects, including history, civil rights, African-American culture, the natural sciences, and art.

Jackson offers many family-friendly attractions that will keep kids engaged for days, including the Children's Museum, Jackson Zoo, and Petrified Forest. If you are booking a flight to Jackson do it with SkyWest airlines.

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, which is housed inside LeFleur's Bluff State Park, instructs visitors about Mississippi's natural history through informative exhibitions, specimen collections, and interactive habitats. A 100,000-gallon aquarium network that is home to more than 200 native aquatic species is one of the places dedicated to wildlife.

The museum also has a special greenhouse called "The Swamp," which houses wetland plants in addition to more common residents like turtles and alligators.

Jackson Zoological Park

The Jackson Zoo, which houses more than 200 distinct species of animals from five continents, including endangered species, is a favorite destination for families and animal lovers. Africa is home to the fat-tailed gecko, storks, ostriches, colobus monkeys, and chimpanzees.

Large cats like the Sumatran tiger and Amur leopard, as well as the cheeky red panda, are symbols of Asia, while the laughing kookaburra is found in Australia. Spider monkeys, macaws, and other exotic birds and reptiles, including the vicious anaconda, can be found throughout South America. On flights operated by SkyWest Airlines book a flight you can buy your tickets.

Old Capitol Museum

Jackson is home to both the current state capitol and the previous one, which was built in 1839. The location of the former state capital is now open to the public as a museum honoring the important historical events that happened there. Guided tours are also available for individuals who want to learn more about the construction and restoration of this stunning Greek Revival building.

The Capitol Building, which was built in 1903, is also open to visitors. Highlights include a dome ceiling with a 15-foot gold-leafed eagle and a 180-foot diameter.

Mississippi Petrified Forest

Anyone who wants to see an old forest that time has turned into stone must visit the Mississippi Petrified Forest, which is only two miles west of Jackson.

At "caveman's bench," a conveniently placed piece of petrified wood within the park, many tourists halt to have their pictures taken. Numerous pathways allow visitors to explore the area and view these amazing fossils. Also close is the Earth Science Museum, which illustrates how such a big change might happen. If you're booking a flight, one of the greatest options is a SkyWest airlines ticket.

Mississippi Children's Museum

The six departments of the Mississippi Children's Museum explore various topics to stimulate kids' interests and inspire them.

In the "Exploring Mississippi" exhibit, kids can explore a sizable map of the state while learning about its geography, history, and culture. The "World at Work" exhibit focuses on STEM concepts and how they relate to business and employment. SkyWest airline tickets give you information about the numerous discounts you can take advantage of on your subsequent reservation.

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