Machine Learning Careers In India - A Quick Overview

It is widely known that machine learning and artificial intelligence are careers with a bright future. Machine learning jobs are among the highest paying in India and globally, making the profession the most coveted. 

Moreover, the disciplines of artificial intelligence are the future of our world. We might not always notice it, but artificial intelligence surrounds us everywhere. The intelligent smartphone camera that adjusts the focus, shutter rate, and mode automatically according to the situation to marketing chatbots, artificial intelligence is already taking over the world. Artificial intelligence and machine learning go together, as the latter is a subdomain of the former. Therefore, the demand for expert professionals with a broad knowledge base and machine learning skills is also rising. 

What Is Machine Learning?

In Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) refers to computer algorithms that help improve experiences. Machine Learning focuses on learning aspects. Therefore it requires developing programs with data processing and interpretation capabilities. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are pivotal in many industries, such as business analysis, healthcare, biotechnology, information technology, etc. Therefore, leading IT nations of the world, like the US and India, are developing as the most significant hub for machine learning. 

Career Opportunities In Machine Learning

Machine learning is a vast universe in itself and holds a plethora of career opportunities. If you want to make your future in machine learning and artificial intelligence, you should explore career options. 

  1. Computer Scientist

As a computer scientist, you are required to write and program software and solve problems. Consequently, a computer scientist needs to have expertise in programming languages, advanced mathematics, and physics. A computer scientist works with computer engineers, researches concepts, and conducts experiments. They are in charge of designing models and theories in order to solve problems. 

The IT hubs in India, like Pune and Bangalore, offer good learning and training environments for aspiring computer scientists. Explore this machine learning course in Pune to kickstart your journey in the field.

  1. Machine Learning Engineer

One of the highest-paying jobs in artificial intelligence, machine learning engineering is a highly sought career across the globe. After the data scientists and researchers develop the theoretical models, the machine learning engineers feed the data into them. Therefore, they are concerned with the applications of theoretical concepts in artificial intelligence. Machine learning engineers develop high-level models that handle large-scale real-time data. 

To succeed as an ML engineer, you need good Java, Python, and Scala expertise. A strong background in advanced mathematics, computer science engineering, and programming is a prerequisite for an ML engineer. 

  1. Statistician

Data analysis is the core of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The branch of artificial intelligence deals with a huge chunk of data and processes and interprets it to carry out specific functions. A statistician’s job is to help organisations and businesses to understand the data and predict future trends. Moreover, they turn data-driven issues into hypotheses and questions. Therefore, they utilise a different approach as compared to the data scientists. 

Statistics is a career option that requires a great deal of understanding of data analysis and models. 

Learning Opportunities For ML In India

Machine learning is a rapidly growing industry in India, and metropolitan cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Bangalore are evolving as Hubspot. These IT hubs have the best-suited environment for learning and gaining work experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

If you are looking for educational training to start your journey in ML, you should check out machine learning course in Chennai and Bangalore. These cities host plenty of recognised institutes for machine learning and artificial intelligence in India. Formal education and training in these IT hubs will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to flourish in your ML career ahead.

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