How number masking help businesses improve customer service?

What is Number Masking?

Number masking as a measure of advanced data protection. It is used to ensure the privacy of the agent and caller's details. It offers a seamless connection of two-call communicators without disclosing any details during the call. Call masking service acts as a mask for privacy and security. 

Features of Call Masking Service

IVR menu: A business can answer every customer and respond to all queries with the IVR's multi-level menu to establish immediate interaction with the customers. Even without sharing any customer-related information, a business can offer adequate services. 

Auto-dialing: The auto-dialing feature helps a business to provide products to the agents. It improves customer interaction by automating the outbound dialing process. It reduces the risk of missing any customer and helps to improve customer satisfaction. 

Click-to-call: With the API-integrated call button feature on the website and app, customers can directly call the business. With the click-to-call option, customers can directly contact the number without dialing or remembering the number. 

Benefits of Using Call Masking Service

Safeguarding customer privacy: A business that uses a call masking solution ensures customer privacy. Technology is a boon in the present-day world; however, it is also a threat to life and resources. With end-to-end encryptions, every detail of the customer is protected which makes communication safe. It helps customers to communicate without worrying about security. It also helps a business to build trust with the customer and offer hassle-free services. 

Tracking and monitoring: All inbound and outbound calls are monitored by the solution. It helps a business to maintain automated records of all calls. The recorded calls can be used to monitor quality testing and data analysis. It helps to monitor from the agent’s as well as the customer’s end. 

The recorded calls can be used as tools for analysis and training purposes. It also allows the business to identify any flaws or drawback that needs attention. 

Real-time data insights: A business can receive valuable data insights on the call performance of all inbound and outbound calls. With the call logs, real-time data insights become easier. It also enhances customer engagement from call masking solutions to measure the performance of the agents. 

Number Masking Helping Businesses to Improve Customer Service 

Everyday communication: A phone number is an important tool of communication that is otherwise also linked to every detail of an individual. It allows connecting two parties without revealing the details of both parties. Number masking helps in everyday communication like e-commerce, logistics, cabs on demand, marketplace, etc. It makes everyday communication easier while not affecting any service delivery. It makes people trust businesses and engage in secure interactions. 

Valuable service delivery: Number masking allows people to exchange valuable economic transactions. Number masking makes the liquid transaction easier without sharing any personal details. It helps to maintain trust and reduces the risk of any threat. 

Professional service delivery: Number masking in India has been popular in terms of professional service delivery. It ensures maintaining professional behavior in terms of the agents, the business as well as the customer. It helps to improve customer service and ensures business growth. 

Recording inbound and outbound calls: Even with number masking a business can record all inbound and outbound calls. It gives the business leverage to use it as a strong database. The recording can be helpful to identify drawbacks, if any, and also use it as evidence in case of need. It supports both customers as well as the business. The recording feature ensures improved customer service. 


Number masking in India is very useful for every Industry and business. It is helpful for a business of any size. It is popularly used by chatbot-based apps or with direct to call feature embedded. It is used by logistics, hospitality, BFSI, education, and other industries. Number masking in India is used by businesses to offer secure communication and better customer service delivery. There are many service providers in India and with the demand, the service providers are also growing. A business can consult with the service provider about their needs and budget, before investing in the solution. It helps the business to understand the solution and the provider better.

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