The top 5 Ways To Create Eclectic Style With Souvenirs


One of the ways to remember your trip with your friends and family is to buy souvenirs and keep them in your house. Every time you look at these, a wave of nostalgia hits you and you go back to the time spent in that place. A lot of times, the souvenirs get stuck in the back of a cupboard and never see the light of day. One way to avoid this is to create looks in the house using these. Let us look at some ways to ensure you flaunt your collection gracefully. 


1.      Change the look - whenever you travel, you rarely think of which theme and which colour you have back home and whether the souvenir will fit in. To circumvent the problem of your house looking untidy, you can keep switching the places of your collectibles to create different looks. You can keep changing the places of the items to keep shifting the focus too. For example, change the ones on the TV stand frequently to flaunt other souvenirs too.


2.      Put them to use - the best way to incorporate souvenirs in your home is to use them practically. If you have mugs, then you can use them as small planters or as pen holders. You can use them to organize the items in your house. The same can be done in all rooms of the house.


3.      Draw the line when it looks too cluttered - we have all been over excited about the souvenirs we got from different parts of the world. But the truth is, you might not be able to use all of them at once! If you have run out of scope and space to put them to use, then accept that and don’t push towards using them forcibly. That way they will not be appreciated and your home might end up looking worse than before. The


4.      Make them a part of the bookshelf - the safest way to display an eclectic collection is to keep it in a place where diversity is applauded. The bookshelf is often an amalgamation of cultures and your collection will be the perfect thing to accentuate the sentiment. 


5.      Use them to create nooks – Many times when you are making up a corner for yourself, you wonder the best way to decorate it. This is the perfect chance to use your pieces as decorations. This is especially true for oversized pieces like paintings and so on. The only thing to watch out for is that the furniture design and the souvenirs should not clash and complement each other nicely. The clash of two bold colours or patterns can look overwhelming.

You can create any style from your treasure trove of souvenirs and style your home with love. Each one represents a memory that you have created with your loved ones and sprinkling the house with these items is what transforms a house into a home.

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