Spotify vs Amazon Music: The Ultimate Audio Services Showdown

The music scene has totally transformed thanks to the rise of music streaming services. Whether you're into Indian classical, rap, rock, folk, or metal, you can dive into your favorite tunes in a matter of seconds. Amazon Music and Spotify are some of the biggest players in the streaming business.

They both have a music catalog of 100 million songs which include hits from Indian and international languages. Each of these services brings a ton of features to the table, many of which are similar, but some are totally unique. So in the battle of Spotify vs Amazon Music, which one manages to have an edge over the other? Time to find out.

Device Compatibility

Amazon Music connects seamlessly with Echo smart speakers and tons of others too. Whether you're rocking iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or any modern web browser, launching Amazon Music is a breeze. The added bonus? Alexa integration. Just throw a casual "Alexa, play some Jazz music" and she’ll do it for you in a second. This is especially useful when you are driving, cooking up in the kitchen, or multitasking.

Spotify is also pretty versatile and compatible with several smart speakers. Your favorite jams flow effortlessly across various devices and browsers, be it iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac.

Podcast Game

In the content kingdom, both Amazon Music and Spotify are flexing their podcast muscles.

Amazon Music brings a hefty podcast library to the table, boasting over 15 million episodes. These include Amazon originals like SmartLess, Built to Thrive, and MrBallen Podcast, spanning comedy, inspiration, drama, and more. Its library also includes podcasts from multiple languages. So you are not just limited to English podcasts.

Meanwhile, Spotify rocks approximately 5 million podcasts, featuring heavy hitters like The Joe Rogan Experience, Armchair Expert, and The Bill Simmons Podcast. They've got a diverse array of podcast categories to keep you hooked.

Extra Features

Amazon Music isn't just about the tunes; it throws in some cool extras. Its X-Ray option shows you interesting trivia about the song you're grooving to. You can also catch special videos and short clips of your favorite artists, and stay in the loop about their latest hits. Creating and sharing playlists is also easy peasy here. And don't worry, you get all the essentials—ad free music, unlimited offline downloads, and unlimited skips.

Spotify counters all this with its ace—Daily Mix playlists tailored to your past listening. This app has really mastered the art of making playlists. There are tons of playlists here for almost every mood and occasion. Just be ready for ads unless you're on the premium squad. Features like rewind, shuffle, and seek are exclusively premium perks.


Hold up before you make that decision! There is one aspect that you still need to think of. For many of you, it could be the most important one.

Amazon Music comes bundled with Amazon Prime which also gives you access to the several movies and TV shows on Prime Video. That’s not all, you also get free and fast shipping on your purchases from Amazon.

Amazon Music Pricing: ₹299/month, ₹599/3 months, and ₹1499/year for the Prime membership

Spotify Premium unlocks an ad-free paradise. You get all of the must-have features like offline downloads and shuffle play.

Spotify Pricing: ₹119/month

Summing Up

Choosing between Spotify and Amazon Music boils down to your priorities. Maybe you're digging Amazon Music for all of its features and perks, or perhaps Spotify for its playlist magic. Some might sway towards the lower cost of Spotify, but remember that Amazon packs in a lot for its price. No easy choice here! But you are now armed with all the deets, go ahead, pick your winner, and let the beats roll!

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