When Does Toothache Become a Dental Emergency?

Feeling pain in your mouth is always a great concern. It's really important to find the main reason for your tooth pain to preserve your oral health and prevent further problems. Unfortunately, many don't take tooth pain seriously, which can lead to more serious damage. A toothache can be an indication of more severe dental problems like decay, infection, or even periodontal disease. It's really important to visit an emergency or general dentist when you feel uncomfortable in your mouth. Your emergency dentist can examine your oral condition using advanced dental appliances like X-ray images to find the underlying cause of your pain. Afterward, they create a personalized treatment plan based on what you need, your preferences, and your budget. Sadly, many don't visit a dentist even though they suffer from tooth pain because they fear dentistry, are busy, and so on. These excuses can put your oral health in great danger and make the condition worse. 

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As a dentist at an emergency dental clinic in Toronto explains, a tooth pain can be easily treated with simple procedures in the early stages, but you need more complicated and hard treatments if it advances and causes problems like infection or abscess. Continue to read this article to learn when your tooth pain becomes a dental emergency.

Your toothache is persistent for more than a day.

In some cases, feeling pain in your mouth may not be a big deal, and you don't need to visit a dentist. For instance, a food particle may be lodged between your teeth and cause toothache. You can remove it gently using a dental floss. However, it's important to visit your dentist if you've had toothache for longer than a day. Persistent pain in your mouth isn't normal and indicates more serious issues. You should visit a reliable emergency dentist and try to describe your condition as best as you can. Explain to your dentist all the details, and don't forget to provide them with your medical history.

You notice signs of dental abscess.

A dental abscess is usually the result of a severe infection in your mouth. It's a pocket of pus, looking like a pimple that can bring you ache and pain. It's so important to visit your emergency dentist as soon as you notice any sign of tooth abscess like bleeding gums, swelling, redness, etc. A dental abscess can be a sign of infected tooth pulp, which should be immediately treated. An infected pulp usually requires root canal therapy to be restored. If left untreated, it can trigger a condition called sepsis, a life-threatening problem.

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Flossing isn't effective.

It's important to floss your teeth carefully at least two times a day. Sometimes, food particles may get stuck between your teeth and cause severe pain and discomfort. In such cases, flossing is your first solution to eliminate the pain. But sometimes, flossing can lead to severe gum bleeding and pain that continues for more than a day. In such cases, you should visit your emergency dentist as soon as possible. 

If you experience any of those conditions and feel sharp and persistent pain in your mouth, visit your emergency dentist for the sake of your smile immediately!

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