Capital Vacations Marks Places to Visit Near Bluebeard's Castle Resort


St. Thomas is a widely popular, year-round beach destination that lies right at heart of the Caribbean. Planning a trip to this region and staying at the Bluebeard's Castle Resort here can be an incredible way to spend the holidays. Bluebeards by Capital Vacations overlook Charlotte Amalie and the harbor where cruise ships dock. Here one can get to snorkel in crystal clear turquoise waters, shop tax-free luxury items, and check out the numerous attractions nearby.

Capital Vacations talks about the places to visit while holidaying at Bluebeard's Castle Resort

Charming view of the Downtown Charlotte Amalie at night, stunning sunsets and decadent meals are just a few of the things that the Bluebeard’s Castle Resort in St. Thomas is renowned for. The “Bluebeards” fortress dates back centuries and is named after an infamous pirate, and hence this destination is more of a rich piece of history than just a resort property. Guests of the Bluebeard’s Castle can enjoy diverse experiences both at and nearby the resort. Here are a few exiting attractions of St. Thomas that can be found just outside the gates of Bluebeard’s Castle Resort:

  • Downtown Charlotte Amalie: Amazing opportunities for shopping, dining and checking out historical wonders can be found in Downtown Charlotte Amalie. Visitors can choose to take a walk through its picturesque alleyways and visit sites like the historic Fort Christian and famous 99 steps. They may even take advantage of stores selling duty free goods, and get great deals on diamonds, gold and rare gems. Right from luxury watches to locally made soaps, items of a wide variety can be found at Downtown Charlotte Amalie. People can also enjoy some of the best Caribbean culinary delights in the alleyways here. The Downtown experience is enhanced by the spectacular views of Charlotte Amalie Harbor, and all of it can be enjoyed just at a 5 minute drive away from Bluebeard’s Castle.
  • Havensight Mall: Lying just a few minutes away from Bluebeard’s, one can spot cruise ships in port at Havensight Mall. In addition to close encounters with some magnificent ships, Havensight Mall also provides a wide selection of souvenirs, electronics, jewelry and more, all of them being tax free. This mall area is at a walking distance from the Downtown Charlotte Amalie. Hence, people can simply take a leisurely stroll along the waterfront through Yacht Haven Grande. At the Havensight Mall area, one can find a range of local and international cuisines, and indulge in sushi, BBQ, and Caribbean specialties.
  • The Northside: The Northside of St. Thomas is renowned for its excellent views of nearby islands, lush foliage and Magens Bay. Many consider Magens Bay to be the gem of St. Thomas. After all, it has beachside restaurant and bar, watersport and beach chair rentals and more. Visiting the laid-back beauty of the Northside would be a great way to enjoy the quieter side of St. Thomas.

Visiting the sites mentioned above would be a great ideal when enjoying a holiday at Bluebeards by Capital Vacations. The resort itself features private balconies, tennis courts, an exercise facility, and a poolside spa.

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