The cost-effectiveness of having an auto camera recording system installed by a professional auto electrician.

A dash cam is a camera or auto camera recording system that can take pictures in everyday language. A dashboard camera for a car is small and easy to put on the dashboard or the windscreen.

When it comes to car parts, technology has changed very quickly. Dash Cam, an auto camera recording system, is one of these important accessories. A dash cam is now a must-have in a country where the roads are always in bad shape. Also, if you want a dashboard camera for your car, you have many options with prices that will help your wallet. 

How much does an auto camera recording system cost?

Most dash cams for consumers cost between $60 and $150, and most auto camera for truckers cost between $80 and $300, though they can cost more if they have more features. The most important components are HD resolution, GPS tracking, night vision, and cloud storage. Auto electrician suggests a camera that can film both the road ahead and the inside of the cab.

How does an auto camera system work in a car?

A car auto camera usually attached to the front windscreen behind the rearview mirror. This position gives the camera a clear view of what's happening in front of it. When you turn on the car's ignition, a car recording camera is set up to turn on and start recording automatically. Therefore, you will never miss a recording if you have a dash cam in your vehicle. 

The video files you record are stored on an SD card, and depending on the size of the card, you may need to delete the old files. Some dashboard cameras even have storage built right in. But if the dash cam has a feature that lets it record in a loop, it will delete the old files to make room for the new ones. So, a dash cam works well, and you won't miss any recordings.

Dash cams can record video, and they have a wide-angle lens that lets them record the full width of the road and the area around it. So, everything that happens on the side of the road or in the middle is caught. Some dash cams have two lenses that can record what's happening inside the car. Aside from that, the dash cameras have a GPS tracker that records the speed and location of the vehicle. If you get into an accident, this will help you.

Why using a dash cam is a good idea:

Here are some good reasons to use a camera on the dashboard of your car:


The dash cam in your car will give you proof of any accident. Given how unpredictable roads are, it helps to have evidence of any accident.

How to stop road rage:

Everyone is in a hurry on the road, and road rage is a common thing. With a dash cam, you'll have video evidence to show the offender or take other action against them. So you can avoid getting angry on the road.

Report careless and speeding drivers:

Whether going on a short or a long trip, you will encounter drivers who drive too fast or too aggressively. These people can hurt you, other people, and themselves. With a dashboard camera, you can write down the vehicle's licence plate number and, if you need to, report the car to the police.

How to avoid trouble from the police:

It's rare to run into a bad cop, but you might have to deal with one who wants to make money quickly. These cops will make up false charges, like running a red light or not wearing a seatbelt. But if you have a dash cam, you'll have proof that you didn't do anything wrong and can be sure of it. Even if things get dirty, you can always count on the facts.

Every time you drive, it:

When you turn on the car's ignition, a dash cam starts to record. So, you will have recordings of every drive, and if anything goes wrong, the video evidence could help you and other drivers.

Capture unforgettable incidents:

Indian roads are always different. With a dashboard camera, you can record amazing things that happen while you drive every day. In the age of YouTube videos, your shot could also get millions of views.

Keep an eye on young drivers:

If you're worried about how your younger kids drive, you can watch how they do it with a dash cam. Also, the newest dashboard cameras can send a live feed to your smartphone, so you can see how they drive and give them feedback.


There's no doubt that a dash cam is one of the most important things to have in your car. Auto electrician said that when something bad happens, a dashboard camera in your vehicle can save you a lot of trouble. The video proof will keep you out of trouble and help you pay your car insurance claim.

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