Get Back to Shape and Get Your Life Back: How Detox Drinks Can Help You

Are you a fitness fanatic? Do you love to work out and stay in shape? If so, then you probably know about the importance of detoxifying your body. A bad diet can be dangerous, but even the healthiest diets can become unbalanced if left untreated. While some people have difficulty keeping their food down for long, there are many who find it nearly impossible. It’s for this very reason that a lot of people turn to detox water as an alternative way to cleanse their bodies. These days, we’re all aware that drinking too much alcohol or taking certain types of medication can lead to illnesses or even death. Over-the-top symptom remediations are usually not the answer either – they often just make matters worse by making things even more uncomfortable and inconvenient. Fortunately, there are natural ways to cleanse our bodies that don’t involve additional medications or side effects. In this article, you will learn about some of the health benefits of detox drinks and which is the healthiest among them all.

The Importance of a Detox Diet

You’re reading this article because you’re concerned about your health and the state of your body. Perhaps you’re already on the wrong track and think that because you don’t like to drink alcohol you don’t need to detox. That’s not the case at all. The truth is that a healthy diet doesn’t include a lot of rich, sugary food. Yes, you need to consume plenty of calories to survive, but your diet should be balanced and healthy too. Your body needs essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fatty acids in order to function properly.

The Health Benefits of Cleansing Drinks

There are many ways to cleanse your body. You can use various types of cleansers, such as water, lemon, or cucumber. You can also use herbs, spices, and extracts from fruits and vegetables. A detox drink is simply a beverage that is designed to remove some of the toxins from your body. You can find a variety of different types of toxins in your body. Some examples include heavy metals like lead, mercury, and aluminum, as well as endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EPDs), such as BPA, formaldehyde, and acetone. Some of the most common ingredients used in detox drinks are: 

  • Baking soda

  • Fish oil

  • Vitamin B (e.g., B12, B6)

  • Ginger

  • Papaya

  • Turmeric

  • Coffee (e.g., regular, decaffeinated)

  • Sugar (e.g., high-fructose, corn syrup)

  • Salt (e.g., Himalayan)

  • Aspartame (an artificial sweetener)

  • Potassium (e.g., banana, grape, guava leaf)

  • Iron (e.g., salmon, sardine, red meat)

  • Zinc (e.g., lamb, sirloin) - etc.

Why You Should Drink a Detox Drink

If you’ve been on the wrong track with your diet and drinking is the last thing you want to do, it’s time to start making a change. There are lots of reasons why you should drink a detox drink and not just for weight loss or improved health. Drinking a detox drink can actually help cleanse your system and keep you healthier for longer periods of time. Let’s take a look at the top three benefits of detoxing: 

Improved skin and hair - Since toxins get flushed out through the toilet, they tend to go through your skin and into your hair. By drinking a detox drink regularly, you are helping to cleanse your skin and scalp. 

Improved Mood - By consuming a detox drink, you are also preventing yourself from developing a hangover. While many people find that a daily shot of caffeine makes them feel jittery and hyper, a daily glass of natural fruit juice can actually make you feel too groggy to function properly. S

Stamina - As we grow older, our physical stamina declines. By drinking a detox drink, you are helping to replenish and strengthen your body so that you can hold your own on the streets, in the gym, and in the kitchen.

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