According to data compiled by Statista, there were roughly 24.6 million part-time employees throughout the United States in 2020 alone. This number has risen dramatically over the years, up nearly 4.6 million since 1990. As temporary employment becomes increasingly common, finding ways to transition from these temporary jobs into more permanent career paths becomes of the utmost importance.

Temporary or part-time workers can take steps to increase their chances of turning an opportunity into permanent employment. Here are several factors to keep in mind as you look to make the case for a long-term position.

Identify Your Value

As a newcomer to the job, you are in a unique position to exemplify your value while leveraging your fresh outlook. Take time to familiarize yourself with your duties before offering key insights where they are available. A fantastic way to showcase your value while underscoring your commitment to the position is by creating a list of ideas to share with your immediate supervisor.

Showcasing your personal initiative early on makes long-term aspirations clearer to employers. Whether you are a temporary office worker or a seasonal hire, you can quickly identify your own value and share it with the company to demonstrate how they can benefit by keeping you on the team.

Become a Problem Solver

Temporary or part-time workers are often brought into the workplace to help solve problems for their employers. Approaching work on a day-to-day basis with a problem solver’s mindset can lead to dramatic results and an improved reputation around the office.

No matter your place in the business, take time to assess your environment for opportunities to improve processes, procedures, products, and customer relations. Behaving as a consultant with the ability to solve problems will not go unnoticed by higher management or your colleagues. Be sure to follow chain-of-command protocols and to navigate the proper channels when the time comes to pitch your suggestions.

Education for Your Future

Working a part-time position does not mean that you cannot prepare yourself for a full-time future. With the prevalence of online schooling and a multitude of campus locations, institutions such as University of Phoenix give workers the tools they need to succeed in business and life.

Pursuing advanced education may propel a career forward and could help turn part-time into full-time. For example, an individual working as part-time office staff who is also interested in computers, entrepreneurship, or business management could pursue a Business Analytics Certificate. This 5-week course is ideal for learning how to work with data to drive better decision-making in the business sphere. Adding these credentials demonstrates an employee’s drive and potential contribution to their employer, regardless of their current position.

University of Phoenix offers a broad range of certificates, degrees, and individual courses meant to guide students toward their education goals and provide an education that helps you in your pursuit of career goals.