You can make your boxes more unique and related by adding unique images to them related to products like smoke or steam to help your customers choose. Get your customers’ attention by printing eye-catching smoke or vape pen drawings in different colors on these boxes to make it easier for them to select their preferred vaporizer. You can give your brand sales recognition in a highly competitive marketplace by printing a logo or slogan to keep the customer’s wow factor.

That being said, you can get some good hype among smokers by printing unique design logos on these boxes to make your images more recognizable to smoke lovers. The company also offers embossing and embossing functions to make your picture and name unique and stand out among other well-known items.

You can also mention important information about vape flavors. Apart from that, you can also print the nicotine amount in this box to educate the clients. In this way, they can stay safe from any ambiguity.

Customize the Vape Boxes to Create Exciting Gift Boxes

Empty vape boxes can be customized to your liking if the finished package isn’t perfect for your product. These Boxes for Vape Gifts can be made in various shapes, whether rectangular, square, and oval, or whatever you want to take on. You can customize these boxes of different sizes depending on how much you want to pack in one package. Typically, companies pack individual products in a single box.

Customizing these boxes’ color is also an option if you want to stand out from the crowd. You can also put some add-ons in the box to make it more fascinating, such as Windows or ribbons.

Make Your Gift Boxes Sturdy Protect the Vapes! 

Packaging of any item plays a vital role in the success or failure of any product. However, one of the primary and most essential things in customization is selecting the right material. To choose a suitable material for yours vapes is always necessary. 

Robust and sturdy material keeps your product safe and secure for a long time. Therefore, different packaging companies are providing additional material to their customers. They are free to select any material for their custom packaging. The materials that companies offer to their clients are cardboard, cardstock, Kraft packaging material, which is highly eco-friendly and corrugated. 

All of the above materials are unique. They have different properties, but one thing that is common among them is durability.

Increase Customer Acquisition by Giving the Best Packaging Gift Vape Boxes! 

For Vape Boxes, customers prefer Cardboard and corrugated cardboard. These materials have similar properties. You can increase the thickness of these materials. Different point thickness like 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 20pt, 22pt and 24pt are available. It depends on the customer how much thickness they want.

Make Kraft Vape Packaging to Protect the Atmosphere! 

However, the material our customers love the most is Eco-friendly Kraft. This material looks thin but durable to keep your vape safe and protected for a long time. Also, this material is recyclable and 100% biodegradable. People who are more aware of the green environment prefer to use this material as much as possible.

Vape makers like to use recyclable materials for their boxes because they also help save a few bucks. You can easily print this material into any shape or size. Later, this material will only be brown. With the help of the latest printing and color technology, you can get this material in any color you want.

  • Use corrugated vape gift boxes in bulk!

Finally, corrugated material is used when you want to send a large number of vapes from one place to another. It is the most durable and robust material. It comes with a different flute. You can use this for shipping purposes.


However, printing makes your grid look even more attractive. The company provides different printing alternatives to decorate your box. You can print any image, artwork, character, or logo on your box using offset, digital, or flexography printing.

Companies offer three types of printing methods to their customers. It’s up to the customer which way they want to choose for their box.

Offset printing is one of the most used printing systems on the market. On the plate, offset printing is used to transfer the image on the Custom Vape Boxes at Cheap prices.

However, if you need to print many boxes, this is the best accessible technique. Less ink is consumed in this process. You can save more money with this help. Despite this, it is expensive when compared to other printing systems, but gives the best results.

Apart from that, you can showcase your items with the help of offset printing. However, digital printers use toner rather than ink. Also, it is the newest printing system accessible. It is not difficult to use this because it is like an office inkjet printer. Digital printing takes less time, and you can save a lot of money too. However, flexography printing works like offset printing. You can call it a modern version of the printing machine.