A cataract refers to the clouding of the lens in your eyes affecting vision. The experience of looking through a cataract is similar to that of viewing a fogged-up window or a frosty mirror. It becomes hard for you to read, drive, or see another person’s face. This is why you should opt for cataract treatment from a good clinic.

What does the procedure entail in a cataract treatment near me?

When it comes to finding a cataract treatment near me, the surgeons remove the cataract with a special technique called phacoemulsification (small incision cataract surgical procedure). You do not need anesthesia as the eye is numbed with an eye drop so that you will not feel anything at all. Once the eye area is numbed, the specialist makes a very small self-healing incision so that the cataract breaks down into small microscopic parts with the help of sound waves that have high energy. These small particles are later gently suctioned from your eye.

Once the cataract is removed completely, the doctor will implant a SmartLens® intraocular lens that replaces your eye’s natural lens, allowing you to see clearly again.

What are the types of lenses available for cataract surgery?

During the evaluation for the cataract surgery, your surgeon will discuss with you the SmartLens® procedures that are best for your eye health, lifestyle, and whether you wish to be free from wearing glasses or reduce your dependency completely on them?

Once the evaluation is over, your surgeon will suggest a procedure for a mono-focal lens or a SmartLens® procedure that entails anyone listed below-

  1. HD Lens- This high-definition lens enables patients to get 20% wider vision for near and intermediate distances.
  • Symfony lens- This lens takes about 24 days to create and gives your eyes great intermediate and distance vision with lesser glare for driving at night.
  • The Multifocal IOL- This is an excellent lens with an Abbe number set at 55 and renders you with near, distance, and intermediate vision.
  • Toric lens- This lens makes corrections to astigmatism and gives you a good vision of the distance.

Costs and insurance

You need to visit the clinic you choose to get the cataract surgery costs. When it comes to insurance coverage, you do not have many options. There are several procedures of lenses for you to choose from. However, only one lens is covered by insurance, and this is the standard mono-focal intraocular lens. It gives you distance vision; however, you need to wear glasses for intermediate and near activities.

There are other options like the SmartLens® procedures that cover the use of multifocal intraocular lenses to offer you a full-range vision making you free from the burdens of wearing glasses or contacts.

However, when you choose these lenses while undergoing a cataract treatment near me, they are regarded to be an upgrade by the insurance company, and it will cover the costs of the surgery. However, you would need to pay out of pocket or finance the procedure for the upgraded lens.