Baseball is a cherished sport in the U.S. that have a significant number of fanatics who support their team no matter what. Like every other sport, the spirits of these fans remain the same. The dedication to show their support and allegiance toward their favourite team is truly impressive.

Well, one of the ways that many super fans show their support for their team is through custom baseball trading pins. Fans take pride in wearing them at the tournaments or just any other day as well. If you are a fan of baseball games then you can also place your order for customized pins like Cooperstown trading pins.

Below we have listed some tricks on how you can get the best customized baseball trading pins from the market. Continue to read till the end to learn more.

1. Always be Careful with the Colors

The colors you choose for these custom-made trading pins have to be accurate. Any mistake can lead to making your pins look like a mess. Hence, we suggest you to stick to minimum usage of colors.

This means don’t pick more than two to three colors as more than that can make your pins look chaotic. Also, your team’s name may not be visible if you include too many colors on them. It is highly recommended if you use colors on the pins similar to the flag or uniform of your favourite team.

That will definitely give a personal touch to those pins.

2. Pay Attention to the Back of the Pin

Trading pins are not just an item that you wear on baseball tournaments to support your team but also trade them with other fellow supporters. Hence, you cannot compromise with the quality of the pins as someone else may be exchanging your pins with their own.

So, make sure that every inch of your trading pin is perfectly crafted, even the back of the pin. Yes, we know there isn’t much to do on the back of the pin but whatever little you could make sure to be it perfect.

If possible, you can ask the manufacturer to add a simple motivational text or name of your team or just the initials of the team to make them unique. Also, ensure that the attachment used on the back is strong so that they don’t fall off easily.

It is all about the little details that makes your trading pins the best.

3. Keep your Eyes on the Price

Well, the best custom trading pins are not just high-quality but also comes with a fair price. There are several custom trading pins manufacturers in the market and many offer different price ranges for their products.

You got to be able to choose the one that delivers premium quality pins with the best price. The best way to do that is by comparing the prices offered by different manufacturers and see which one provides the best quality/price ratio.

But don’t make the hasty decision to place your order with a company that offers a cheap price. Since that can be too good to be real. You may end up getting poor quality pins with that cheap price. So, make sure you also go through customers reviews to learn more about the quality of pins.


We understand that the value of customized trading pins is more than just a price, however, the best custom trading pins must be able to offer you both the best quality and price. Whether it is for Cooperstown trading pins or any other league pin, make sure you apply these tricks the next time you place your order for baseball trading pins.