Christmas Eve is an auspicious occasion that reminds us of all the blessings and love, and the god has bestowed upon us. On this day, people unite with their family and friends to celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. It is said that Lord Jesus was born on the earth as a Messiah to Mother Mary and Father Joseph. Mother Mary had devoted all her life into prayers and devotion, and so, god bestowed upon her the blessings to carry a saviour in her sacred womb. Usually, martyrs are celebrated and commemorated on their date of martyrdom, and so celebrating Christmas on Lord Jesus’s birth date created quite some commotion during the ancient times among the churches. In the end, 25th December was finalised as a day to celebrate the Lord.

What do you visualise when you think of Christmas? Some of you will say lights and decorations everywhere and others might say the beautiful Christmas trees while some of you foodies will recollect the delightful Christmas cakes. There are a lot of traditions associated with Christmas with each being equally amazing and beautiful. A noteworthy practice that is followed all across the globe is the tradition of sharing gifts with your loved ones. On Christmas Eve, we not only appreciate and reward the people that have always been by us but also mend our broken relationships by sharing gifts and love with them.

You might be wondering how to find the perfect gift for your family members this Christmas? We have some beautiful collect ideas that can give you a hint for a few of them. Let’s dive right in. 

A Collage of the Whole Family: 

Collages are a beautiful combination of some of the most memorable moments. You can compile some of the best pictures from your old memories and compile them aesthetically to create a giant photo collage. A tip for you, make sure that if you have a large number of pics the size of the collage should be more prominent as each and every pic should come in a clear vision. If you add a lot of pics in a small frame, they will not be as clear and appealing as in the previous case. Frame this beauty, and your family will love it. 

A Fun Day Outing: 

You can plan a fun outing with your family to a zoo or a fun water park. This can be a great stress buster for all your family members and will give them an excuse to dress up and go out for a fun planned day. You can take suggestions over where to go and plan accordingly. This will even provide you with some time to get indulged with each other and spend some time together away from your daily chores. 

A Trip:

If you and your family can afford to take a few day’s leaves from your jobs and schedules, you can always plan for a long trip this Christmas. Go to different places and experience Christmas traditions that are unique and beautiful. A long trip can provide you some time to strengthen your bonds with each other and know about any new event in each other’s lives. Maybe you will open up and create some of the most beautiful and emotional moments. Capture these moments to create memories of this amazing trip.

Saregama Carvaan: 

If you have a family that loves dancing on some old tunes, Saregama Carvaan is one of the best Christmas gifts that you can opt for. This has around 500 top and amazing old Hindi songs that will revive old memories of your parents. Old music has always been calm and rhythmic, so indulge in a musical evening with hot chocolate in your hand looking at the beautiful fireworks out your window.

Arranging a Candlelight Dinner for Everyone: 

Get online cake delivery of a delicious Christmas themed cake and surprise your loved ones. Who doesn’t love cakes? I am sure no one in their right minds would dislike such a mouth-watering delight. So, zero in on some unique flavours and get the cake delivered at the doorstep of your family members to give them a sweet and delightful reason to enjoy this Christmas apart from all the blessings you send to their way with this cake.

Christmas gives us so many reasons to smile and celebrate. It is amongst those few festivals that, despite being associated with a particular religion, is still enjoyed universally. On this day, pledge on walking on the guidelines and teachings of Lord Jesus, towards a path of righteousness and humanity, to help the less fortunate ones and guide the ones that have lost their way. Maybe Lord has few fantastic plans in store for you, so make sure you don’t disappoint him. Make this Christmas memorable not only for yourself but for all the people around you by reminding them how special and loved they are.