If there is not really a miracle recipe for writing a good CV, there are some rules you can follow in order to increase its efficiency. There are things that you have to do while building your resume. And there are misstates you must avoid. You will find here some good ideas to create an effective CV.

How to Organise a Resume Properly?

You need to organize the different sections of your CV (contact details, education, work experience, etc.)if you want to make it effective. It will make it more pertinent and more pleasant to read. It is therefore critical to elaborate different sections instead of putting all the information in one block. If you want some ideas to create your resume beautifully, you can use a CV creator and choose between or get inspired by the CV templates available.

Write each Piece of Information Clearly and Concisely

When writing your resume, always try to get straight to the point so that recruiters immediately understand what education or work experience you are talking about. Use simple words and avoid acronyms unless they are really important. Many job seekers still make the mistakes of giving too much detail in order to lengthen their resume. It does not work anymore. Recruiters will call you for an interview if they want to know the details. Plus, a CV should fit in one page as much as possible if you want it to be fully read.

Avoid Overloading Information

To avoid overloading your CV, sort through the information you want to mention so that only those which are of real interest for the position sought appear! Your resume should not contain all of your education, work experience and interests, but only those which are an asset for your application. Once again, you have to get straight to the point to convince the recruiter to give you a job interview.

Two Pages and not More!

Regarding the length of your curriculum vitae, we advise you not to exceed two pages. Beyond that, recruiters may not read your CV in its entirety. They usually get a lot and do not have time to read a novel! As we already said above, one page is even the ideal.

Keep it Positive

Only put forward information that works in your favour and gives a good image of you. It means that you should only talk about your assets, qualities and skills. There is no need to mention your flaws and your failures.