The trading platform MetaTrader 5 has a built-in programming language known as MQL5 or MetaQuotes Language 5. It is the trading platform’s MetaEditor and also works as a strategy testing tool. The MT5 has a very reliable programming language that also uses the fifth generation MQL language. Other than that, the MT5 also allows the creation of Expert Advisors that helps automate your trading and also implements your very own trading strategy. The programming language of MT5 creates scripts, function libraries, and custom indicators.

Notable Features of MQL5:

  • It is object-oriented.
  • It has a similar syntax to C++.
  • It has a wide variety of functions great for managing trading positions, analyzing quotes, and technical indicators.
  • It has a high-performance programming language.
  • It has protection against decompilation (complexity of language, encryption algorithms, and file integrity checking.
  • The OpenCL supports the usage of video cards which in turn can be used on calculations made in the MQL5 applications.
  • The MetaEditor has an integrated software development that includes a debugger.

At the MQL5 Reference, you will see a detailed description of the language constructions and their features.


It serves as the component of the MT5 trading platform and also an integrated MQL5 developmental environment. You can do a lot of things in MetaEditor. You can edit, create, debug and compile the source code which is all written in the programming language of MT5.

Creates Trading Robots and Templates

MQL5 Wizard helps create templates as well as trading robots on the MetaEditor including the MQL5 Wizard which provides a quick creation of programs. Even if you don’t have all sorts of programming skills, as long as you have an MQL5 Wizard, you can easily create Expert Advisors, algorithms for trailing stops, and money management tools. The code used by the Expert Advisor has generated automatically from the selected parameters. In addition to that, the MQL5 Wizard also allows the creation of MQL5 templates used to simplify the work of the programmer.

It Provides Help on The Source Code

Language structures are recognized by the MetaEditor. It suggests important tips on proper use of functions and also highlights the elements used in the program source code. Moreover, the editor upgrades the navigation of the source code of programs and also speeds up its development process.


Debugging programs are allowed in MetaEditor. It helps facilitate the troubleshooting process. The step-by-step execution of the source code helps monitor the variable values.

Profiling for Code Optimization

Software profiling is possible in the MetaEditor. You can optimize your program using this feature and also identify the slowest functions present in the source code.

Source Code Library

You can find the plethora of all the MQL5 programming tutorials straight from the MetaEditor. There is also a huge codebase that goes free for automated trading programs here.

Online Storage of MQL5

This online storage is very safe for all your files in MetaTrader 5. You can also easily restore lost files from here and also access your code right from the computer through the use of the MQL5 community account.