The search for meaning and purpose in life is the primary motivational drive for humanity. A meaningful life is specific and unique for each and has to be fulfilled on your own. With this concept in mind, we will consider a few suggestions in the quest to find the meaning of life.

Teal Swan’s suggestions on finding the meaning of life

The individualistic approach to finding the meaning of life and living a happy life may differ from person to person. Teal Swan is a motivational speaker and life coach who supports many clients at the individual and corporate levels to help them lead a better life and career. Here, she is putting forth a few general tips that anyone can try out to find the meaning of life and attain internal happiness.

  1. Fostering a passion

There is an argument that either motivation or passion drives an individual’s interest in doing different activities. However, the author puts forth a slight disagreement with this argument. The reason is helpful to accomplish the activities which someone considers as dull. For example, washing dishes may be a tedious activity for someone, which may require some motivation to achieve. However, passion is the driving force for the actions, which is found significant by an individual with an urge to accomplish it.

There can be positive or negative passion. Positive passion is also known as harmonious passion, which will enhance our behavior as a whole and ensure optimal functioning. A study finds that those with agreeable passions also have more robust and happy relationships with other people who share their passions. On the other hand, negative passions or obsessive passions may be maladaptive, leading to many unhealthy behaviors. Such obsessive passions may put our lives in danger.

  • Foster social relations

Humans are social beings too. The meaning of life for any individual is closely connected to others around. It is essential to communicate with other individuals and foster those relations to develop a sense of meaningfulness. Moreover, sharing your thoughts and passions with similar-minded people will help boost your love, enriching your understanding of meaningfulness. A study had shown that people with a relatively lower degree of social connections and loneliness report a lower sense of meaningfulness.

  • Relationships with a sense of belonging

Even though it is good to build social connections, all these relationships are not created equal. You need to focus on at least a few relations to where you feel ‘belonging.’ It would help if you thought that you fit in well as a group member while identifying yourself in that relationship.

All these cannot happen overnight, but you have to steadily practice the same to nurture it over time to enjoy a meaningful and happy life. Teal Swan is a spiritual guide who can advise you and walk you through this journey of living a more meaningful life and finding the internal strength to unleash it to the fullest potential.