Summer heat is unbearable at times and the urge to grab that can of soda to beat the heat is high! However, do you know the combination of acid and sugar in these drinks are dangerous for your teeth. Yes, if you want healthy teeth and still wish to stay cool in summer, it is high time you say no to aerated drinks!

Tips from Dentist Clinton Experts

If you really wish to stay cool in summer, drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Water is safe and since the body is made up of 70% water, it makes sense to use water for hydrating yourself. Dental Service experts state milk is another option for you to keep your teeth strong in summers. Rich in calcium, milk can really boost teeth health for everyone.

Sports Drinks- are they safe for your teeth?

Sports drinks do appear healthy at first sight however they are rich with loads of sugar and acid. The combination of sugar and acid are not good for the tooth enamel. You should always drink water if you care about your health. Now, if you are a person that loves beverages and cannot do without it? Experts in the field of dentistry state in case you cannot avoid sugary or aerated drinks, drink them with your meals. Once over use water to rinse your mouth or you cannot rinse your mouth swoosh the water inside your mouth to cut down acidic levels. This helpful tip applies to all acidic drinks.

Fruit Juice- Is It Safe for the Tooth Enamel

Fruit juice does appear innocent when it comes to oral health. However, fruit is high in acidic content. In case, you consume acidic drinks, remember it makes the tooth enamel soft. So, before brushing your teeth, wait for at least 30 minutes. This helps you to stop erosion of the teeth over a period of time.

Grab a Glass of Cold Water to Stay Cool

If you want sparkling white teeth that are healthy and strong, grab a glass of water and gulp it down to stay cool. This water helps you to stay hydrated all day long. Dentists in Clinton say this small tip really goes the extra mile when it comes to protecting your teeth during the summer months.

Say goodbye to acidic drinks as much as you can. If you really love yourself and want to have that radiant white smile, stop the consumption of acidic and sugary drinks. Experts state adults should be aware and stop children from consuming acidic drinks. Early education does go a long way in protecting the oral health of children. They say that most people are not aware of the small things they do that damage their teeth. This is why stop consuming acidic or sugary drinks if you want to reduce tooth decay. Teach your kids that water is a wonder drink so that they do not get addicted to soda and other forms of harmful sugary drinks at all!