A piece of luxury real estate is not easier to get because of the various factors involved. People dream about living in a luxurious condo or penthouse but can’t get it because of the insane amount of money involved. Only the super-rich can afford to but such real estate and flaunt them. Luxurious real estate is synonymous with great comfort and an extravagant lifestyle. 

People who don’t have enough to pay cash or the amount required upfront to get a luxury condo to try to get a loan for this purpose. But there are many aspects related to this factor, too, so that people need to think twice before signing on the dotted line. You have even a small reservation regarding going for an expensive condo, don’t move forward with your plans without taking care of all the aspects. 

Failing to do so may result in a financial crisis for you that can be disastrous for individuals. So why go for a luxurious condo like 10 York Street apart from the price factor? The view and the locality are some of the other factors that make a condo or any piece of real estate expensive and add a luxurious tag to it. 

The View from your Condo

Toronto, the view of the waterfront, is considered one of the most in-demand ones because of several factors. The neighborhoods in the vicinity of the waterfront are their localities in Toronto, which are located far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Furthermore, people looking for a serene and peaceful environment look for places like this to live in a peaceful environment.

The view of the water friend can be so soothing to the eyes with endless views of Lake Ontario. There are several small lakes too in the vicinity of Toronto, where you can buy a luxurious condo or penthouse. To get the best view, you may opt for a condo that is located at the top or near the top of the condo complex. Ideally, a condo located at or above the 10th-15th floor can give you a nice view of the lake and the surroundings. 

The Surroundings Apart from the Waterfront 

There are not many locations in Toronto where you can have an unobstructed view of the city and the surroundings. It can only be possible if you are living on the 40th or 50th floor of a building. Apart from this factor, there is no way that you can get an unobstructed view of Toronto and its suburbs. But when you get that is located right on the waterfront, the unobstructed view of Lake Ontario and the surroundings will be an amazing sight to behold. 

The view down south is where the waterfront is situated in Toronto as the Western and South Toronto famous for this. Talking of luxurious condos, think of a great view of the surroundings, but in this regard, several other features are also important. This may include the covered area of the condo, the facilities available, and any other feature your personal favorite like a personal elevator that opens up in the lobby. 

Something About Downtown and Shopping Districts 

When we talk about the downtown and shopping districts and sending the condos, virtually every condo complex in these neighborhoods is considered a luxury. The high price of the real estate in these areas is responsible for this so that you have to choose the covered area and other features and don’t have to worry virtually every condo offers luxury. In these neighborhoods, you will only get an unobstructed view if you will live on a floor over the 40th one. Otherwise, other tall skyscrapers will obscure your view completely. 

For the best view of the surroundings, go for a corner condo. Typically, in these condos, space is often much more than the other condos. In big projects, however, every condo is a corner condo, so that you don’t have to look into this aspect in much detail. 

Over to you 

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