SEO methods of website promotion are basically the same in different regions, but competition in Moscow will be much higher than in Krasnodar for certain areas of activity and this fact cannot be ignored in the promotion process.

In this publication, we will share what methods of SEO-promotion of sites are used by the specialists of the web studio AVANZET. Effective online promotion requires an integrated approach to promotion. It is important to choose exactly those methods that will show excellent results and as quickly as possible.

Our promotion methods are based on:

  • on research analysis,
  • expert assessments of specialists
  • our own experience in this field

The field of SEO promotion is dynamically and rapidly developing, as the total number of resources on the Internet is growing very quickly. Many algorithms change and every year search engines present new requirements, but in SEO there are still quite a few familiar moments.

Most of the novelties in the field of SEO are modified versions of standard algorithms, but they are adapted to current requirements and are a logical continuation of proven schemes. Website development should be based on current SEO trends.

New Trends in SEO promotion

Search engines and high competition play a significant role in shaping the development of SEO company. These two factors are shaping the modern methods of website promotion next year.

The creation of sites with a guarantee of promotion to the TOP  is a priority area of ​​our activity, therefore we constantly monitor all trends in this direction and, based on the analysis of statistical data for the current year, predict the following prioritization:

1. Publication of Competent, Useful, Relevant Information

  • Efforts to chase traffic fade into the background. Since the traffic received in this way often not targeted.
  • The primary task in developing a strategy aimed at providing the user with competent, useful, relevant information for the target audience of your business.
  • SEO promotion is focused not on a simple fixation of the fact of visiting a site and on increasing traffic, but on improving behavioral factors and increasing conversion.

This trend has already been confirmed on copywriting exchanges, where customers set very stringent requirements for the quality of texts. Today, the quality of information is the main weapon for keeping users’ attention.

2. Increasing Growth of Traffic from Mobile Devices.

This trend of SEO promotion began to develop back in 2017 and continues to remain at the top. For the increasing mobile traffic, Google has developed the MobileGeddon algorithm, which gives priority to the development of responsive sites that are displayed correctly on smartphones and other mobile devices.

The function of voice input of requests is gaining popularity more and more simultaneously with the increase in mobile traffic. Many site owners are already using this cool feature. It can be “sharpened” for key queries, as it designed to make it as easy as possible for users to find the information they need.

Best Practices for Using Web Analytics

When using different methods of website promotion, it is impossible to do without web analytics. It should used to form a whole set of actions aimed at adjusting content and increasing traffic:

  • analysis of page views and site transitions,
  • identification of problems related to content,
  • study of the target audience of users,
  • identifying their needs,
  • changing content according to the needs of users,
  • customization and analysis of reports

The most powerful and reliable tool for this is Google Analytics. Content labeling no longer a new trend, but it is constantly being updated and transformed into a more convenient tool for users.

We predict, based on analytical reports from Google, that in the coming year, an increasing number of sites will show whole blocks of information on them in the search results. A great example of this feature is Google’s Knowledge Graph. It clearly demonstrates how, when entering a search phrase, a separate block displayed, which contains short, capacious, relevant information upon request.

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Decrease in the Leading Positions of Link SEO.

Despite the fact that link promotion still continues to be necessary, search engines are constantly tightening their requirements that can be applied for this promotion method. To effectively use link promotion, you need extremely “subtle actions” and a large supply of brain resources. Therefore, not everyone will be able to apply this option for website promotion, but it does not stop working.

Internal Website Optimization Continues to be on the List of SEO Trends

Since SEO trends are focused on simplifying the search for information as much as possible, it is important to create an attractive interactive component of the resource. SEO promotion, do not forget, is not only the use of new trends, but also the use of familiar proven algorithms for internal website optimization, such as:

  • Rational, simple and clear site structure
  • High-quality layout
  • Competent internal linking
  • Creation of landing pages for contextual advertising
  • SEO metadata optimization
  • Website optimization for search queries
  • Moderate “nausea” of search phrases – you need to avoid “overspam”

All of these proven and reliable algorithms will continue to be relevant in the coming year. They contribute to the overall promotion and promotion of the site. You need to focus on thematic information, “sharpen” each page for 1-2 search queries. This guarantees a high ranking of pages for these queries and provides good dynamics of promotion.

Do you agree that it is very important for promotion that the site properly SEO optimized? Then contact the web studio AVANZET, we are always happy to help!

Effective methods of website promotion on the network require an integrated approach. It is important to choose exactly those algorithms that will show the best results, but in different fields of activity and at different levels of competition, they may be different.