Many people make a big mistake of doing everything at home; even they think that having a minor surgical procedure is nothing to worry about. But they are not aware of the extreme dangers that this type has.

Why Ban Home Visit for Circumcision Surgery?

There have been many reports that the patients have suffered badly because they had their Circumcision Surgery at home. To most people it is nothing to worry about but as surgeries can go wrong in the medical facilities as well. But the difference is that professionals are there to manage the problems.

Non-Availability of Proper Surgical Tools

A surgeon requires to have proper tools and equipment to perform even the smallest surgery. Without them, anything can go wrong. So at home, no emergency medical tools are available to help the surgeon when a complication is faced.

Not Enough Space in the House

At times the houses are very small and there is less space for a table to be laid on which the surgical procedure is performed. A small space will create extreme difficulty in adjusting the surgical table and other instruments.

The Surgeon Can’t Be Held Responsible

A proper Circumcision Surgery doctor at clinics can be held responsible for whatever actions they take because they are associated with the medical center. But when a surgeon doing surgery at home then the responsibility comes to the person called him/ her.

No Proper Team of Surgeons Available

Like any other surgery, adult circumcision requires a whole team of experts including an anesthetist, surgeon, assistants, and nurses in the clinic that you visit like Circumcision Center. But at home, this team reduces to one or two members.

Don’t Know About Authenticity of Circumcision Device

A question that most people ask when they hear about various disadvantages of circumcision is should circumcision be banned? The answer is that t surgical procedure homes should be banned because you are not aware of the authenticity of the devices whether they are sterilized or not.

What If Light Goes Off?

It has been observed that due to many reasons the lights of the house go off and think what impact it will have on the surgery going on? Anything can go wrong even the cut can be on the wrong side.

The Surgeon Doesn’t Come On Decided Time

The clinics have their team of doctors and they have to be present at all times. If any of the team members are on leave then another will take his/ her place. But if the surgeon is unavailable on the day of the home visit then one will come in his/ her stead.

You May Be Fined for Negligence

If something goes wrong during the house visit then the surgeon will be fined later; initially, it is you who will come under pressure.

Complications Can Become Extreme

In a circumcision clinic, experts are available who can handle any kind of complication. But at home, you don’t have the professionals or the resources to improve the situation.

Record Of The Surgery Is Not Registered

After every surgery and especially Circumcision Surgery follow-up visits are necessary. For these records of every visit is made. But at home, it is difficult to record everything.