Planning a trip can be a hassle. There are a lot of moving parts that need to be accounted for, in addition to the obvious: expenses, dates and type of vacation. Recently, a new guide type resource has been released that aims to take a little stress out of the vacation planning process. What makes the site unique is that it is only concerned with beaches, beach vacations, coastal towns etc.

“People can expect to find a few images of the beach, along with the basics for a lot of coastal towns. This should help increase awareness of places outside of the most famous tourist stops. The people who will enjoy this website are looking to escape for a few days and have fun.”

Almost every day, a new beach is reviewed and added to the website. Beach spots from all over the world are added. The site is meant to be entertaining, occasionally informative and fun. There are nearly 100 different beach spots that have been reviewed to date.

Beaches in the Virgin Islands, California, New Jersey and the Mediterranean seem to be well represented at the moment. “The explanation for that is simple. In over 20 years of travel, I have lived in those places for extended periods. I have a lot of pictures from all over the world, but from so many from beach towns that I would like to share with others.”

A lot of the content for the new beach spots is being contributed by family and friends. Having traveled extensively over a number of years, it seems that a lot of the people you meet enjoy comparable things. Just about everybody loves to go on the best exotic beach vacations to parts unknown. Of course, some people would prefer to be in the wild open country or maybe party in a new city. Beach Spot is for those of us, who just want to kick back with family and friends on a stretch of sand. There are wildly disparate levels of enjoying a day on the beach, from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to lobster thermidor and champagne. People who enjoy playing on the beach and the oceans have a lot in common with one another.