People love to decorate their houses on special occasions like Diwali which is the most crucial festival of India and people feel so excited about this festival that they start cleaning their places several days before Diwali. Although cleaning is done because there is a belief that Goddess Lakshmi will bring wealth to the house only if the house is clean which means there should be enough space in the house yet they do this for another reason as well which is making their places look attractive as clean things look better than those of dirty ones. One can easily find their belongings easily if everything is clean and organized. Moreover, a person can be more productive in a neat and clean environment. People do the cleaning and decoration because they want to get the attention of the guests and visitors in their house. Guests can visit the house at any time of the year and it is not they will come only on Diwali, so there should be proper cleaning of the house once in a year. People also send Diwali gifts to their dear ones.

After cleaning, decorations are done with the help of lights, candles, rangoli, etc. People get the whitewash of their house done and they mostly get it done once in a year that is on Diwali. Since beautification of the places is the most significant element of Diwali celebrations, one can give the presents of decorative items which one can make in the following ways.

Candles made by Reusing Plastic and Glass

Making designer candles at home can save a lot of your expenses as they charge a high price for them during the season of Diwali. These can be made using old plastic bottles and glass jars. You can apply your creativity to make these jars look beautiful by painting them or pasting glitters. You can draw different designs using a paintbrush on the glass jars. When the paint is completely dried out then you can put hot wax in these jars and you should be careful while doing this because you can get hurt with any drop of hot wax on your skin. After that, you should put the cotton wicks, and then you should wait for the wax to become hard. In this way, you can make designer candles for giving diwali gifts hamper to your loved ones. You can add colors if you want for which you can even use crayons. If you are using plastic containers, then there is an advantage for you that you can give them any shape by cutting which you cannot do to glass containers and can make them look more designer.

Scented Candles

People used to place flowers near the dead bodies in order to remove the smell of decaying bodies, therefore this has been historically proved that scents can remove bad odors.

People can remember any scent for a long time and it does not like that the fragrance will always remain in their minds but it is like whenever they smell the fragrance their memories related to that scent can revive. If there are good memories then they can start loving the fragrance or vice versa. Pleasant smells can even improve the mood of a person. Therefore, people try to fill their places with aromas, particularly at special celebrations because of all these reasons.

You can make candles of different kinds of aromas using different kinds of essential oils. While putting the hot wax in the glass jar or a plastic container you should put one or two tablespoons of any essential oil which you want and you can add colors as well which can be according to the oil like if it is the oil of lavender then you can add pink and purple color. This can be a great gift for your friends and relatives.

Lanterns or Lamps made by Reusing Plastic and Glass Containers

The old plastic containers and glass jars can also be utilized for making lanterns and lamps. For which, you can paint some parts of the container so that candlelight can be visible from other parts. You can also paste pearls or old buttons to make different designs if you do not want to do paint. After making the lamp by reusing an old container you should attach the candle to the bottom of the container so that it does not move. The plastic container should be transparent if you are using the same instead of a glass container. This beautiful lantern made by you can be a pretty Diwali gift for friends.

Decorative Clay Lamps made by Reusing the Old Ones

Clay lamps are cheap as compared to candles and these are non biodegradable as well. It is the part of rituals of Diwali to light the earthen lamps and in old times these were used as candles and lights are the modern additions. Being a traditional festival, It is vital to perform the traditions of Diwali and to connect the young generation to its roots. You would probably have smelled the fragrance of wet soil when fresh clay lamps are dipped in the water and the smell of soil is such that you feel like eating the same but you cannot. Fresh earthen lamps are soaked in the water overnight and then, they are dried out so that they absorb less oil.

It has been seen that people buy new lamps on every Diwali and throw the old ones. They do not value them because they are less in price but they should understand that there are many poor people who can save their money by buying these lamps. They can decorate these lamps using colors and glitters to give gifts to impoverished people. One can become an expert in anything by doing practice and if you are not so good in art then you can simply cover them with a single color of paint properly in order to give them a fresh look without making any design or pattern.