The fireplace in many homes is the focal point of gathering for the entire family during chilly and cold winter evenings. For many years it has been the place where children have grown up hearing stories from their grandparents or where the family has sat sharing the day’s events over cups of hot chocolate. With the changing time the picture has remained the same. What has undergone change is the design of the fireplace. Fireplace nowadays are available in sleek and contemporary designs. While the traditional and rustic ones are still a keeper, the modern ones are far easier to operate and don’t take up much space and offer better functionality.

However just owning a fireplace is not enough. You would need to choose the right fireplace tools that comes with it along with luxury fireplace screens.

Shopping for these is not difficult as all these are easily available online nowadays. One still needs to keep certain things in mind while shopping for the fireplace screens. Following are some of the points to remember:

Choose the right size- When shopping for luxury fireplace screens make sure that you are considering the size. It is necessary that you choose a screen that provides adequate coverage in terms of height and width. This will ensure safety and protection both.

Consider the material- You will need to choose the right material that fits one’s lifestyle. If you want more heat then you can go with metal mesh screens. The metal mesh screens allow for more heat to get through but still providing safety against flying sparks. You can also consider glass fireplace screens as they offer better protection against sparks than mesh. The heat permeability will however be not that much.

Look for handles- If you wish to make adjustments to the screen often then it is better to go with fireplace screens that comes with top handles. This will ensure that you don’t get burnt while adjusting the fireplace screens.

Choose the style accordingly- The fireplace screen should sync in with the fireplace as well as the rest of the decor of the home. When searching for luxury fireplace screens online you would come across different styles. Choose your screen style aptly so that it fits. You can either go for antique style screen or a if you are looking for something beautiful yet functional then you can always go with the traditional fireplace screen. Contemporary fireplace screens are a better fit for city dwellers where the size of the apartment will play a decisive role in choosing the screen. Sleek designs add elegance without much hassle. The primary focus is on clean and crisp lines with subtle and smooth finishes.

Other Safety Tips That Often Come Handy

Getting a fireplace screen is one way to ensure safety and beauty at the same time bu there are some things more that every homeowner needs to do to ensure better safety like it is necessary to inspect and keep the chimney clean and well-maintained. The smoke alarms should be in working order too so that things don’t go wrong when the fire is lit.

The fireplace is the warmth of every home. To enjoy it fully, one needs to take care of the same. Then only will it continue to keep all your near and dear ones warm and cozy during those winter evenings and nights.