Are you aware about the fact that more than one million birds die every year due to window glass collisions? According to the research, it has been found that nearly 54-76 percent of bird window collisions seem to be deadly. They are believed to be the top three major causes of untimely death for birds. You may contact a reputed glazing company in Essex where the experts can suggest how to secure windows from birds properly. Go through this post to know how you can keep birds away from attacking the windows and losing their life accidentally.

Why do birds like to fly into the windows?

Birds find trees and open air to fly and this makes them reach near the windows and get themselves hurt in someway or the other. If you want to save the lives of birds, then protecting the glass is the ultimate key. The easiest way for doing this is using dish soap though you may take different steps to prevent birds from flying near the windows.

How can you prevent birds from hitting the windows?

Construction Paper Birds

Paper birds that are made from dark construction paper and then taped with the windows usually discourage birds from flying into the windows. The taping images of larger birds such as hawks to a window will lessen the chances of smaller birds flying near them.

If you need to add construction paper birds to the window, you will have to:

  1. Draw sketch of a large bird on a dark construction paper so that the general shape works properly.
  2. Repeat it for at least two to three times.
  3. Cut construction paper birds with scissors and then attach properly to the window with double-stick tape.

Window Film and Glass Decal

Both window films and glass decals might break the reflections and avoid bird strikes. A pattern will generally be suggested for placing the items on a window like stripes or spaced dots.

  • Decals – You will have to place bird tape or few different glass decals like adhesive dots, etched-glass or decorative decals for breaking the reflections to near about 4 to 10 inches apart. Many of these products will be there commercially or for preparing simple DIYs.
  • Film –You may apply a window film on the outside of the window for lessening the reflection. These films are there commercially so that they can be installed like wallpaper. They may lessen reflection and save birds as well as windows but, at the same time, make the windows more energy efficient.

Manufactured Glass

Commercially produced glass treatments may protect birds from hitting as well as damaging the windows in different ways:

  • UV Patterned Glass – This kind of glazing treatment makes glass less visible to birds with a UV pattern that can be detected as they view in the UV spectrum. Since human beings cannot see into the spectrum, the option will help to maintain the transparency of windows for the humans. The treatment can also be off great help for making the windows more energy efficiency.
  • Acid-etched Glass – This type of etching method takes chemicals to etch patterns in the glass or make it difficult to understand for bird-friendly opacity. Thus, the visibility for human beings becomes obscured, though translucency needs to be preserved. The process seems to be more durable than film and will not scratch off the coatings.

What are other ways to prevent birds from damaging the windows?

Naturescaping – With naturescaping, you will be able to encourage birds to stay away from the windows. Some tips have been discussed below:

  • Place baths and feeders in more than 30 feet either within or from three feet of the windows.
  • Plant bushes or trees near the windows for breaking up the reflections and preventing birds from flying into the windows.
  • Shift houseplants from the windows where bird strikes might be a major problem.

Create Stripes:

  • Use 1/8″ window-safe white tape vertically on the outside of your window. This has to be at least 4 inches apart for blocking the reflections.
  • Paint stencils and pens may be used in the same way.

Netting and Screens: Both screens and netting are used to discourage birds from coming near the windows and act as a barrier from hitting the windows physically.

  • Cover the windows by using bird screens, thin netting or bird-safe products.
  • Use roll-down screens for lessening the reflection.

Lighting: With the help of exterior lighting, you may encourage the birds to fly towards their homes and lead to disorientation. By following these tips, you can install as well as update exterior lighting of your house.

  • Protect exterior lighting down by making it wildlife friendly.
  • Select the right wattage of exterior light bulbs in order to prevent over lighting.
  • Choose warm-light LEDs.
  • Install motion sensor lights
  • Turn off the lights seasonally from dusk to dawn.

Thus, starting from do it yourself to taking the help of professionals, it is quite evident that there are different suitable solutions available so that homeowners can prevent the birds from damaging windows. You may hire emergency glaziers in Essex for installing new windows in case they have been damaged and need to be replaced immediately.

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