Slow Wi-Fi can be a lot of trouble in today’s time, especially when all of our work in the current era depends on a simple design of awireless router in one way or another. But having a router is no guarantee of stable internet speed.

In our daily life, we witness a lot of issues related to the speed of the internet, which make us loose most of our precious time. Have you ever faced the situation where you were about to end the game with one last mission left but, you lost the connection?

But not anymore as there are numbers of ways to fix internet speed through a wireless router and in the following we will be making sure to help you understand such tricks.

1. The Classic Trick of Restarting your Router

It has now officially become a trick for almost all technology-related problems. Either you are facing difficulty with your PC or your phone, the most common advice that you will hear from other people is to switch the device off and restart it.

The same goes for Wi-Fi routers as well. Well, nobody knows,why does it work almost all the time, and nobody cares to explain either. However, it is one of the most common skills used even today.

Some people say that refreshes the system, while other claims for heat dissipation, however some stick to the point that on restarting the device, the whole device and software restarts.

2. The Positioning of the Router

Another main reason for a router to be not able to provide good internet speed is maybe because of its position. Sometimes routers are placed in a corner or a place where they are surrounded by surfaces that usually reflect or deflect the radio signals emitted by routers in the wrong direction, such as metal.

As a result, most of the signals are lost and catch by your device. Thus, losing more and more speed. In opposite cases, there could be some materials surrounding your router that might absorb the signals by not letting them pass through the material such as wood.

So, a good way to solve such issues is by positioning your router in a place where radio waves can travel through the air to your devices.

3. Using Antennas Properly

Mostly a router comes with a set of 2-3 antennas. The main job of these antennas is to disperse the signals emitted by the router to the surrounding environment.

In case your internet is not providing enough speed you can use these antennas by arranging them properly in horizontal and vertical ways so that your internet can work properly.

4. Security Reasons

Another main reason why your network may be slow is that your security password is not that good. Security passwords allow only people that you allow to connect.

However, if your security password is weak then there are high chances that your Wi-fi could be accessed by any person who comes to be within the range.

5. Firmware Update

Firmware is like a lifeline of any router or hardware product. In layman terms, it can be called as Operating system of any hardware products. Sometimes when the firmware is not updated on regular basis then the router start slowing down.

This can be easily solved by updating your firmware. By updating not only you will be able to make your router provide good internet speed, but rather your wireless routerwill also be equipped with the latest security patch and other important features.

6. Changing the DNS System

Routers are designed to convert or name a domain in a way that it looks like such as for Facebook and YouTube website.

By default, routers come with a base level of DNS system which is usually very slow. So by adjusting it as per your need one can increase the speed of their router.

7. Filling a Complaint

In case none of the above-provided solutions works for you then there are high chances that this might be a kind of new problem. Therefore, always complain about a company whenever you feel like you are not getting what you have been paying for.

This procedure will also help the company to understand the minor details of their problem and hence they will be able to solve the issue or provide better services with their future devices.

These are some of the steps that we highly recommend to you in case you are having a problem with the poor connection speed of your wireless router.

However, these might not be the only procedures to help you with your problem therefore we would highly recommend you to stay in touch with your Internet Service Provider and case your ISP is not showing a positive response or response at all then you can always file a complaint about him through telecommunication authority and go for the next company.