Toothache is one of the most familiar aches that almost everyone experiences in their lives. These days, professionals consider tooth pain as one of the critical dental emergencies which should be immediately treated before resulting in other complications. One of the causes of an emergency toothache is severe sensitivity, affecting one in eight individuals. People with sensitive teeth experience annoying pain while chewing, drinking, or even brushing their teeth which is why they need to visit an emergency dentist immediately. People with painful, sensitive teeth usually have exposed tooth roots or worn-down enamel, which is the main reason for aches and pain. After a while of leaving your sensitive tooth untreated and not visiting an emergency dentist, your tooth can be fractured and make the condition worse than it is. If you feel intense pain after eating or drinking, it’s highly recommended to visit an emergency dentist to prevent further dental problems. As an experienced dentist in downtown Toronto explains, when you visit a dentist, he may ask you about your dental care or health history to have to ensure accurate diagnose and treatment. In this article, we explain how to relieve and treat the main reason for tooth pain caused by sensitive teeth so that you can have a healthy set of teeth again.

Desensitizing Toothpaste:This one is almost a preventative way for people who don’t want to experience sensitive tooth pain and other dental emergencies. Desensitizing kinds of toothpaste are offered to people with sensitive teeth as they have beneficial active ingredients to block the pain caused by sensory nerves in your tooth. It’s also practical for people who suffer from sensitive tooth pain but can’t immediately visit an emergency dentist due to problematic situations.

Fluoride Treatment:As almost everyone knows, fluoride is one of the most beneficial substances for your teeth’ strength. Your emergency dentist is able to apply high-quality fluoride topically to remineralize your tooth enamel. It can bring satisfying results like relived of pain, stronger teeth, better oral health, etc.

Gum Graft:It might surprise you to know that an emergency toothache caused by tooth sensitivity can result from receding gums. This problem can make the roots of your teeth exposed, which cause severe tooth sensitivity. If your emergency dentist finds your gums receding, they can refer you to a periodontist or an oral surgeon to undergo gum grafting surgery. This oral surgery can help stop the pain from the tooth sensitivity and prevent other dental emergencies like periodontal disease. Your oral surgeon can perform this complicated process using donor tissue taken from different locations to cover the damaged areas due to the gum recession.

Root Canal Therapy: tooth sensitivity can signify more severe dental emergencies like tooth infection, requiring more complicated treatments like root canal therapy. When your emergency dentist cannot treat your tooth sensitivity with standard procedures and methods, they refer you to a professional endodontist or perform the treatment themselves if they are experienced enough. During the root canal treatment, your dental pulp will be removed to stop the pain, and a crown will cover the treated tooth to prevent other problems.

Remember that in case of experiencing tooth sensitivity, the sooner you visit your emergency dentist, the higher chance you have to save your teeth.