Rakhi, this is not a word or just a thread. It is the bond between brother and sister. And the thread of rakhi is as strong as their relationship. When brother and sister are young when they are kids. At this age, for sister rakhi is the day of receiving lots of chocolates and gifts. And for brothers, rakhi is the day, when they wear their favorite cartoon character in their hand and also get lots of sweets. You know, even while tying the rakhi, her brother teases her sister. And parents, say to both of them, please don’t fight at least today. Slowly, and gradually brother and sister both grow up, and their relationship becomes stronger and stronger. But you know what, so many things change, now gifts become thoughtful and expensive. They both understand the real meaning of this thread. But as they both grew up, now the sister wants her brother, not any gifts. And I think this is what we call maturity, but their cute fights and teasing can never stop. So today, I will help you to make your sister rakhi special and memorable.

Gift her Childhood Favorite Flower

This rakhi, instead of going to a gift shop, goes to the flower shop of flowers. I mean, ask a florist in Mumbai, to make a flower bouquet and it should be her favorite flower. It can be any flower, which she liked in her childhood. Don’t think, she will still like this flower or not. It is a gifting flower or not. You know, she will love it and it will be very special for her. You know why because it will take her back to childhood.

Her Favorite thing that you Broke or Misplaced

In childhood, we all have done this. We all have broken our brother or sister’s favorite thing, and stolen or misplaced. And this type of thing, brother does most. So this Rakshabandhan, if you can then give her that favorite one, which you broke in childhood or misplaced. You know, she will love it so much. And I tell you this will make Rakhi special and happy for her. And yes, if you can add a small note in the gift. A note, which describes the incident related to that gift, and also says sorry. Gift can be anything, maybe her favorite doll, teddy bear, hair band, any special outfit, etc.

Hand Made her Favorite Cookie or Cake

Don’t be confused to read the title. Handmade means homemade and it should be made by you. So we can now call it handmade. I am sure, your sister, you know about her favorite cookie and cake. So whatever you can bake, just do it. If you don’t know how to bake, don’t worry there are a bunch of blogs and videos available on the internet related to cookies and cake baking. You can do it with the help of these blogs and videos. You know, this will not be a surprise, it will be a happy shock for her. That brother, who never brings a glass of water for her, today baked her favorite cake or cookie. And if you fail to make it, just open your mobile phone order cake online. And with the cake or cookie, order the rakhi bouquet also. She will love it.

Back to Childhood

This rakhi, let’s be kids again. This rakhi does everything that you both loved to do in your childhood. Play childhood games, and yes do cheating as you did in childhood. Go to your old hanging points, eat gola, pani-puri, chat, and of course steal chocolate. Dance just like a childhood on childhood’s favorite song. You know, this rakshabandhan your loving sister will be very and very happy. And let me tell you a secret, she will cherish the memory of this Raksha Bandhan whole life.

Childhood Photos

As a gift, her favorite chocolate, and both of your childhood memories. I mean, both of your childhood pictures, in a photo frame. She will love it from the bottom of her heart. And this will be a very special gift and wonderful memories.

These are some ideas to make rakhi special and memorable for your sister.