Whenever you visit an Italian restaurant and order pasta; the very first thought thatcomes to your mind is how the pasta there is perfectly cooked and why at home it is all messed up?

Issues Faced When Cooking Pasta

At a Burrata Restaurantthe pasta is flawless but when the same recipe is followed; the results are entirely different. This is a very common topic of discussionthat has been on many forums. The issues that people discuss are;

  1. The pasta even when boiling in the pot becomes lumpy and starts sticking together. Many other people report that this situation occurs when the pasta is transferred into the sauce.
  2. Several kinds of brands of pasta have a high consistency of starch in them. When not boiled in the right way; the starch remains there; even when drained and washed with cold water.
  3. It is a known fact that the Italians use minimal ingredients in their dishes, but it is full of flavors. You have cooked the pasta with the right proportion of ingredients still there is no taste in the prepared dish.
  4. How does the famous Burrata Restaurant take care of the salt in the pasta recipes because people argue that it is very often that the salt is right in the dish; otherwise it is too salty.
  5. Another issue that people face because of the starch is that the pasta becomes gooey when you add it to the tasty sauce.
  6. Each Italian dish has a proper method of cooking and every ingredient in the dish has to be cooked in the right way. The problem home cooks deal with is that the pasta can be either under or over-cooked.

Burrata Restaurant Staff Tips for Problems

Many of the famous chefs and food experts have given tips that they use to make pasta cooking easy.You will need practice with these tips to make the perfect pasta dish.

Buying The Best Quality

The best thing you can do is buy pasta having the best quality. You have to try different kinds of pasta from various stores like Burrata House and order from the one that is best.

Follow Cooking Instructions on Packet

Every brand of dry pasta in packets have suggested their way of boiling the pasta. It is a good idea to boil it in the same way. Also when you buy fresh pasta; ask the maker about the cooking method.

Boil In Larger Pan with Plenty of Water

Sometimes the pasta can increase in size when they are boiled, so if you use a small pot there will be less space for the pasta to grow. So always use larger for pot and plenty of water as compared to the quantity of pasta.

Watch for the Water Temperature

Even for the authentic Italian pasta recipes, the temperature of the water is watched because adding pasta to moderate temperature will ruin the entire recipe. Boiling water is the perfect temperature for adding the pasta. Also, add the salt at the same time so that it mixes in the pasta well.

Add Pasta To Sauce Quickly

In the Burrata Restaurant, the chefs prepare the sauce of the pasta before boiling it. This is because adding the pasta too late will make the whole dish gooey, sticky, and lumpy.