Window replacement is a typical home maintenance project that most homeowners have to go through a few times in their lives. Windows are a durable component of your home, but even the most well-built windows can wear out and need a replacement.

Once you have hired a reputed contractor such as Red Oak Exteriors, you will have to prepare for the actual window replacement day. While a window replacement is not a major repair as other replacement projects such as roof replacements, it still requires some prep work from your side.

To help anyone who is about to get a window replacement done, here is how you can prepare for the window replacement project.

Preparing for a Window Replacement in Colorado Springs

Preparing for window replacement in Colorado Springs is just as important as preparing for other major home repairs. It helps you keep your property and family safe, but if you do some simple prep work before the replacement, it can make the job easy for workers. With that being said, here is how you can prepare for the replacement of your home windows:

Clear up the working area: Unlike roofing or a siding replacement, window replacement is not a completely external project. So you will have to clear up the working area and remove nearby objects from both inside and outside of the home.

So when it comes to the outside area around the windows, you should make sure there aren’t any plants, window décor, lawn equipment, and any vehicles close to the windows. The window installation crew will have to put up ladders and other equipment outside the windows to perform the replacement.

Similarly, the installation crew will need a clear area around the window on the inside of the house. If you have any appliances, décor, or furniture around the window, it is good to move them away.

Not only will doing this save time and effort for the home window replacement crew, but it also helps you in keeping your valuable possessions safe from any damage.

Cover up the fixed items: While you can move furniture and other moveable items for the floor, walls, and other fixed things, it is best to cover them. Since installing new windows can be messy and a lot of dust can be produced during the process.
You can buy dust covers and put them on the floor around the windows and the walls and other fixed interior items. Similarly, it is a good idea to cover up the sink, the toilet, and the bathtub in your bathroom to prevent debris from falling into the plumbing.

If you are worried about the exterior getting dirty, you can also put the dust cover on the floor directly under the window to collect the dust. Once the replacement is done, you can throw away the debris and dirt accumulated in the dust covers, and you will have clean floors and walls underneath.

Disable any alarm systems connected to your windows: If you have any alarm systems installed for your home windows, you should deactivate them before the replacement crew arrives.

The homeowner can deactivate some window alarms while others need to be halted by the company you got them installed from. Once the new windows are installed, you can call the same company to set up the security alarms for replacement windows.

While we have covered the many aspects of preparing for window replacements, the replacement company might ask you to do other things. In any case, it is best to consult with them as well for any additional requirements.