If you have been suffering from shoulder pain on a consistent basis, then chances are that something much more ominous is amiss and if and when this happens, you need to see a specialist at the earliest. As a result of the injury you might lose flexibility or movement in one of your shoulders as well. If your shoulder is in pain or doesn’t move properly, then you might consider getting treatment. Treatment here means either physical therapy or shoulder surgery as performed by a Shoulder Surgeon Cambridge.

Why should you never ignore shoulder injuries?

Your shoulder is a very critical joint in your body and you need to take very good care of it, at all times. If you end up suffering shoulder injury then you might face a range of challenges on several fronts, right from limited ability to play sports and for carrying out daily activities and chores. If you face such issues then it is highly imperative on your part to go for fast treatment. Shoulder issues can go from bad to worse and they can be the cause of a lot of pain and discomfort, if they are not treated on time. In today’s day and age, thankfully, a lot of techniques are available which can treat a wide range of shoulder injuries.

Do you need shoulder surgery?

Sometimes it can be very difficult to figure out if you need treatment or not. You should keep an eye out for certain signs that might need surgery. Read on further to know the different signs that you should take very seriously!

  • Shoulder Injuries :- You can suffer from shoulder injuries due to a wide number of reasons right from a sudden fall to a car accident to other situations that might leave you in a lot of discomfort and pain. In some cases even if the areas around the arm and the shoulder have healed, there still might be a lot of residual discomfort or serious pain mainly because of the unique structure of the shoulder. If you have suffered a serious injury to your shoulder or upper arm, then you must schedule an appointment to a Shoulder Surgeon Cambridge at the earliest, without wasting any time whatsoever.
  • Arthritis :- As people age, they end up suffering from arthritis and this happens due to the wear and tear on the shoulder. This happens to old people and this happens with younger people as well. Arthritis is a very common condition and it requires treatment for things to get better.
  • Tendon Disorders :- Tendons are very important for the effortless movement of the limbs. If the tendons are damaged then this might mean very high pain or very limited motion in the arms. When it comes to the shoulder, surgeries might be required on both the bicipital tendinitis and rotator cuff tendonitis to fix the issue.
  • Athletic Injuries :- If you play sports then there’s always a very high risk of you sustaining sports injuries and this might call for specialized treatment presided over by a Shoulder Surgeon Cambridge. Sports persons and athletes might need their joints to function at optimal performance levels at all times and this has a lot of bearing on how their treatment should be conducted. Torn or frayed rotator cuffs are very serious issues for sports persons and athletes and such issues require surgery presided over by a Shoulder Surgeon Cambridge.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, that was everything you needed to know about getting shoulder surgery presided over by a Shoulder Surgeon Cambridge. Sometimes it can be very difficult to tell what the symptoms means, so you should keep your eye out for some of the most common symptoms which might need physical therapy or shoulder surgery. Keep an eye out for symptoms like weakness in your shoulder, snapping sounds in your shoulder, popping sounds in your shoulder, pain in the shoulder, difficulty in lifting in the arm, shoulder dislocation and problems like visible abnormalities in the shoulder.