Dental often called as dentistry is the science that deals with teeth and gum problems and their treatment. Dental is a medical profession that deals with the treatment and prevention of malformation of teeth, removal, and correction of decayed or damaged teeth. Dentistry includes operations like filling and crowning of teeth, straightening of teeth, as well as the construction of artificial dentures. There are many dental problems that one can have. Cavities decay teeth can make holes in it and can also permanently damage teeth. Bacteria along with food and acid make a coating on teeth which forms into a plague that damages the teeth. Teeth can break from oral injury or chewing of hard foods. Teeth can also be sensitive, like at the time of having hot or cold food or drink one can feel discomfort. Apart from these teeth problems, some problems are associated with the gum or the oral cavity. Gingivitis is one of the gum diseases about which patients often complain. Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums due to plaque building up following bacterial infection. Cancer of teeth, gums, tongue, lips, the floor of the mouth, as well as cancer of hard and soft palate often diagnosed.

So, there are hosts of issues or complaints related to teeth, gum, and oral cavity. These teeth, gum, and oral problems are the results of not maintaining oral hygiene, the use of tobacco, as well as other bad habits. Australians are prone to teeth and gum diseases. Studies in this regard have shown the data fact that 90% of Australians have either teeth decay or they suffer from various kinds of gum and oral problems. Maximum Australians suffer from teeth decay or gum and oral problem due to the habit of the use of tobacco and for not maintaining proper oral hygiene.

When it comes to staying healthy with teeth and gums people need to maintain proper oral hygiene and avoid the use of tobacco. But, if someone caught teeth or oral problems, then there is no other option than to seek medical help immediately. Seeking immediate medical help from a medical professional who is well versed with the medical procedure of treating teeth decay, as well as oral and gum problems needed, as delay in seeking treatment can lead to more decay of teeth and can worsen gum or oral problems.

A dentist is a medical professional trained to access teeth and gum or oral problems, as well as well versed with the procedures of filling and the crowning of teeth, straightening of teeth, as well as the construction of artificial dentures. He or she is trained to treat and prevent malformation of teeth, removal, and correction of decayed or damaged teeth and other gum or oral problems.

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