Most women do not know what to do with their hair. They seek their stylists’ advice and suggestions when it comes to getting the right hairstyle for their faces. Stylists will see the shape of your face before they recommend the perfect style to you. If you are not sure about your face shape, tie your hair, and take a selfie picture to check which shape your face represents the most. You can even measure the proportions of your face and check the width between the cheekbones, jawline, and eyebrows and measure the length of the face from your forehead. This will help you determine which face shape you are- round, rectangular, square, or heart?

Deep wave virgin hair and your face shape


If you have a rectangular-shaped face, the deep wave virgin hair you choose should be toned down in such a way that it makes the pointed chin and forehead look warmer and elongates the face. For instance, you can use hair with layers that will mask the edges of your face. Try not to go for very long hair; however, if you are fond of long hair, you can invest in the wavy or curly hair variants to make the edges of your face look softer.


If you have an oval face, you are lucky. In fact, any sort of haircut and style will suit your facial features. If you are fond of short hair, go in for the Bob style cuts as it makes you look really chic. If you are fond of really long hair, you can opt for the long natural wave variants that flatter your face and make you look lovely.


Your face will have a strong jawline, broad forehead, and cheekbones. Choose a hairstyle and cut that will make these prominent features of your face softer. You can consider having a side parting and have long and fluffy layers as they will make you look better.


If your face is shaped like a heart, your bone structure will be broad, especially at the cheekbones and forehead with a narrow chin. You should balance the shape of your face by reducing the width of the eyebrows and bottom half of your face. You can cover some part of your forehead with a side sweep that should be long and later team it up with curls or waves that begin from under the ears to highlight your angular chin to give it an appearance of fullness.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing deep wave virgin hair for your face shape, keep the above points in mind. In case you are still not sure about your face shape, consult your stylist, and ask her to help you. Once you have got your hair set in place, make sure you are educated on how to maintain it at home. Make a list of the instructions given to you by your stylist in case you forget them later. Take care of your hair as advised so that its sheen and shine last for as long as expected.