Leadership in marketing and business is no easy task; a few are blessed with the innate talent to lead others with success. Entrepreneurs in every business niche should understand the needs of their customers to boost lead conversions of their products and services in the market. They should devise strategies customized to meet/exceed their marketing and sales goals successfully.

Daniel Klibanoff – Traits of good marketing leaders in business

Popular serial entrepreneur Daniel Klibanoff from Asheville, North Carolina, is an extremely talented and successful marketing leader in direct marketing. He has been instrumental in transforming his companies into well-established names in the region. In 1982, he began his entrepreneurial journey with just $500, and today, his companies churn out millions of dollars as revenue every year. His business clients include prominent companies like Citibank, AARP, BlueCross Blue Shield, Chase Manhattan Bank, and many other notable names.

Currently, he is the CEO and President of Multimedia Lists Inc, that is a multi-channel audience and data solutions provider to global advertisers. He was the pioneer in bringing to the market a database of 100,000,000 holders of credit cards with TransUnion. It was the first time a popular credit bureau released information for non-credit market offers. He generated more than $20,000,000 as revenue for TransUnion and his company.

Innovation is the key to business success

He believes innovation is the key to outstanding business success. He has played a major role in generating profitable revenue through multi-channeled marketing ventures inspired by targeted audiences and customized advertising solutions. His industry peers regard him as an authoritative figure, bringing him deep respect and admiration in the industry.

Creativity in lead conversions boosts sales

According to him, marketing strategies should not only be customized to meet or supersede your business goals, but they should be creative as well. You should carefully draft marketing campaigns keeping the present demands of your customers in mind.

For instance, if you use a website for your marketing campaigns, its design should be visually appealing with the right blend of text and images. The advertisements you create should not be pop-ups that annoy the browsing experience of your targeted audience.

When you are creating an ad campaign for your audience, ensure it has compelling content, images, and a solid call to action. Your visitors online must know what to do when they wish to buy your products. Your call-to-action button should be visible on the site to them, and the link to the product/payment page must work, or else you will lose potential customers in the process.

According to Daniel Klibanoff, offering free samples or trials to potential customers go the extra mile in lead conversions. Attractive discounts also compel them to click on the sales link for your products. If you are using online campaigns for marketing, eliminate distractions like sidebars, flash images, pop-ups, and other elements on the page that could deviate your customer from the intention to buy. The above factors are just some simple yet powerful ways for you to boost conversions for your business and earn better returns on investments with success!