Direct marketing is not the same as indirect marketing, which focuses on establishing the company’s business brand in the market. When it comes to direct marketing helps small and large companies to save money and maximize profits. The campaigns are well crafted and customized to reach the targeted audience with personalized business messages. 

Daniel Klibanoff – focusing on mental and physical well being is the need of the hour

  1. Daniel Klibanoff is a Serial Entrepreneur from Asheville in North Carolina and is famous for generating a million dollars for the companies he owns. He is an innovator and a specialist in direct marketing. Currently, he is the President and CEO of Multimedia Lists Inc, a multi-channel data and audience solution provider to advertisers across the globe. 
  • He was the pioneer and successfully bought to the market a database that comprised 100,000,000 holders of credit cards with TransUnion. For his company and TransUnion, he generated more than $20,000,000, a significant achievement for him. 
  • He is a leader in marketing and is a highly creative individual. He is a consistent innovator helping businesses generate profitable revenue through multi-channel marketing inspired by his targeted audience and proactive advertising solutions. 
  • He is considered an authoritative figure and is widely respected by his peers in the industry. He believes in creating audiences and boosts performance when it comes to business operations across multiple channels for success. 

Giving back to the community actively

  1. Besides the above, he believes in giving back to the community and has donated endlessly to non-profit causes financially. With his wife, Cathleen, he started Angels Among Us, a credible non-profit to offer financial help to children who need assistance for college education, and has displayed a sincere commitment to civic duty by executing consistent volunteer work in their respective communities. They firmly believe that civic involvement in the community is indispensable for breaking the cycles of substance abuse, poverty, and dependence. 
  • He has actively contributed to the above causes personally and financially. He has also been the winner of outstanding awards given to him by the American Heart Association and the Muscular Dystrophy Association for his leadership skills and for surpassing the organization’s fundraising goals. He has also served on the Board of Directors for several non-profit companies. 
  • According to Daniel Klibanoffevery business is special and unique. So, with the help of direct marketing campaigns, you can generate consistent profits for your business quickly. At the same time, you can also retain existing customers and convert them into loyal customers for your business.

Being careful about customer data is the key to successful direct marketing so that you can create personalized business messages with success! When it comes to direct marketing, customers’ data are critical, and you cannot go wrong with them. If you do, by mistake, you will lose those customers, as they can be very unforgiving to your peers in the competitive market.