Choosing the best laptop for writing means understanding your preferences and creating the proper compromises. a bigger screen needs a larger, heavier laptop. A softer keyboard can add some thickness. A long battery suggests that the pc will weigh a touch more.

You must be compelled to decide whether to grade value or power. a strong processor and graphics card are nice, however necessary given that you utilize your laptop for over writing.

The MacBook Air is sort of the proper tool for a writer, and it is the one I selected for myself. It is extremely transportable and has stellar battery life. That is because it does not provide any longer any power than is necessary. The new model now offers a tissue layer display, and it is housed during a strong, unibody aluminum shell for max durability.

But some writers do want a more powerful computer. For example, if they conjointly work with video, develop games, or need to use their portable computer for gaming. in this case, it is onerous to overlook Apple’s MacBook Pro. It is not low-cost however offers lots of RAM, a quick multi-core processor, separate graphics, and a terrific display.

For the budget-conscious, many best laptops are capable writing machines. we tend to embody variety of them in our roundup. Of these, the Lenovo Chromebook C330 offers exceptional value. Its inexpensive, extremely portable, battery life is fantastic. and since it runs Chrome OS, it is still quick despite its low specs. For people who need Windows and might endure a touch less battery life, we suggest the Acer Aspire

What is the Computing wants of a Writer?

There are virtually as many varieties of writers as there are models of laptops: bloggers and journalists, fiction writers and scriptwriters, essayists, and course of study writers. The list does not stop with full-time writers. several workplace staff and students also pay a good deal of your time “writing.”

The values of these getting an editorial portable computer conjointly vary. Some grade affordability, whereas others like portability. Some can use their computer for writing only, while others must be compelled to perform a large range of tasks.

A Comfy Keyboard

Writers need to sort all day while not frustration or fatigue. For that, they have a keyboard that is functional, comfortable, tactile, and accurate. Everyone’s fingers are different, so attempt to pay time typewriting on a laptop you are considering before shopping for it.

An Easy-to-Read Display

A little show is desirable if you would like most portability, however it should also compromise your productivity. a bigger screen is best in virtually each different way. they are less doubtless to cause eyestrain and, in line with tests conducted by Microsoft, will increase your productivity by 9%.

Here are the sizes of the displays that accompany every portable computer in our roundup. they are sorted from smallest to largest, and I’ve bolded models with a considerably denser component count.


Portability is not crucial, however it’s several folks value. create it a priority if you carry your laptop with you everywhere, or pay time understanding of the office.

If movableness your thing, rummage around for a laptop with thin bezels round the screen and a compact keyboard. In addition, grade an SSD over a spinning onerous drive—they are abundant less at risk of harm from on-the-go bumps and drops.

Here are our counseled laptops sorted by weight. the primary 2 are tablets, and therefore the rest are laptops. the ultimate cluster of laptops did not create the cut in terms of portability.

Long Battery Life

Being able to write without fear concerning battery life is freeing. Once inspiration strikes, you do not knowledge several hours you would possibly pay writing. Your battery must last longer than your inspiration, Best Budget Chromebook is also have long battery life.

Fortunately, writers tend to not tax their computer’s elements excessively, and should get the higher-end quantity of battery life the machine is capable of.


You could prefer to carry many peripherals with you as you are employed outside of the office. However, peripherals extremely shine after you go back to your desk. These embody keyboards and mice, external monitors, and external onerous drives. we have created some recommendations within the “Other Gear” section below.