Among the list of elite gemstones, sapphire holds a special place in hearts of many. It has been immensely loved and applauded for its rich hues and luxurious aura.

The striking appeal and outstanding durability makes it one of the most sought-after stones for jewelry. An average person has a blue shimmering image of this precious gemstone sapphire. While the conventional idea holds much truth, there is more to this gemstone than the preconceived notions.

A Sapphire ring is known to have other variation in colors and types, apart from the classic shade of blue. This article will provide a guide to the different types of sapphires and their colors.

Different Types and Colors of Sapphire Rings

  • Blue Sapphire

Blue is the most popular and well-known version of sapphire rings that dominate the global jewelry market. In the blue shade itself, there is variation in the hues, ranging from light sky blue to deep royal blue.

The intense blue color is an all-time favorite and can even be tailor-made with a sapphire ring diamond. There is another variation of a cornflower blue in sapphire gemstones, which is liked for having similar shades similar to that of a cornflower. This enviable shade is also suitable for earrings and pendant necklaces.

  • Pink Sapphire

Pink sapphires are becoming a popular trend among women, especially in sapphire rings with diamonds. Interestingly, the color owes its prominence due to the presence of chromium.

There are different color varieties, ranging from the baby pink to the dark magenta. The delicate femine shade makes it quite preferable among the ladies section after the color blue.

  • Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is another traditional gemstone that is equally popular, just like blue sapphire, ruby, and emerald. This bright and delightful color renders a stunning appearance to rings.

The vivid hue is attributed to the trace of iron component that reacts in the chemical composition. The color shades vary between greenish yellow to orangish yellow. However, most jewelry lovers opt for the bright canary yellow hue in the gemstone.

  • Orange Sapphire

Another exotic color addition to the sapphire family is orange sapphire, which blazes like a fiery ball. This sapphire is available in captivating shades like mandarin, deep golden, and intense orange.

The existence of both elements of iron and chromium renders a stunning hue and lustre. Moreover, such shade in gemstones are rare and have no substitute, adding to its uniqueness. Pave sapphire ring looks exceptionally beautiful in these orange hued stones.

  • Purple Sapphire

Addition of vanadium in the chemical composition brings a luxurious hue of purple in the sapphire gemstone. Unlike other gemstones, the purple shade dominates with a pleasing hue. The shade variations range from medium and dark reddish purple to volietish hue.

The purplish hue makes it look more appealing when included in different jewelry items, like rings, earrings, and pendants.

  • Teal Montana Sapphire

The name of this sapphire clearly indicates its origin in Montana, US. This sapphire gemstone is truly enticing for its teal-colored hues that can vary between shades, like medium green and blue.

Your sapphire ring gold featuring this unusual shade makes it highly popular among gemstone enthusiasts. This is appreciated mainly for its vivid shade, exceptional durability, and symbolism across the globe.

  • Green Sapphire

In recent years, green sapphire has also gained eminence among buyers for its dazzling green shade and price affordability. While emerald is a most sought-after precious gemstone, green sapphire is an alternative available at a reasonable price.

It is another favoured choice to order for engagement and wedding rings. There are traces of iron elements in the chemical composition resulting in this gorgeous shade.

  • White Sapphire

What most of you may assume is that a white sapphire comes with the same shade. However, that’s not true as this sapphire is purely transparent and colorless.

If you have a ticket budget, a white sapphire can be a satisfactory substitute for a regular diamond ring. In the last few years, this gemstone has emerged as a popular choice in the jewelry category.

  • Padparadscha Sapphire

You may have noticed a rare hue in the color category of a woman’s engagement ring. This is the most coveted and alluring sapphire and is called the padparadscha sapphires.

It signifies the aquatic lotus blossoms and derived from a Sinhalse word. The pretty color of this precious sapphire comes from the amalgamation of two shades – pink and orange. This spectacular shade of salmon is really a visual delight to the eyes.

Final Words

There is no denial that various hues of sapphires deserve all your appreciation. Hopefully, our guide will help you to pick the best shade for your special day. Also, you can have diamond embeddings beside your leading sapphire gemstone ring to make it look more extravagant.