These days blogging is one of the best ways to present your point of view and share your knowledge and interest with the rest of the world. Most people start writing blogs out of interest, without knowing the fact that while sharing their knowledge they can earn quite a good amount of money.

Therefore, if the blogger is sharing his/her ideas with the world in a creative way then this can make them earn a lot. However, most of the bloggers are unaware of the techniques to improve traffic on their page. Below you can find some easy ways to promote your blog and increase the traffic on your website.

1) Blog Visibility on Search Engines

Demand for Digital marketing Course is increasing regularly and due to covid, since everything has gone online people are more inclined towards online marketing. To implement the business idea creating a website is the first step but the most important step is that all search engines can find you easily and verify your site.

Make sure your page is visible to all search engines and privacy settings are enabled and also, inform the google search console to help to position your site.

2) Content of the Blog

Good content is the key to incline traffic on your page. One should always post content that has visual content that is visually engaging, and one can recognize and understand the content easily and this type of content has great followers. This type of content is called infographic content and the statistics show the traffic on these types of pages are much more than the pages which have videos, since watching a video is time-consuming. So the conclusion is the content you post on the page should be to the point, interesting, and talks about the facts.

3) Consistency for Posting a Blog

Blogs generally provide knowledge and if the information provided in the blog is totally different and interesting from other articles then no one can stop you to increase traffic on your website. All you need to do is to write quality articles and if you have a lack of time outsource the work so that you can frequently post blogs on your site. Blogging is a game of patience if you patiently just do quality work without thinking about the money you will earn, in the long term it would definitely give you a good return.

Duplicacy is a big no while blogging, your own content that comes from within will help you to achieve great heights, so to check the plagiarism there is a tool called “quetext” which helps you find if you have a matching content with someone else’s blog. It is very important that your content is totally different from others and you should post it on regular intervals to get amazing responses and build your followers. Only SEO strategies will work in creating a fanbase. You should always give fresh and refreshing knowledge to the world and that will make you different from others.

4) Selecting the Blog Topic

It is very important to select the correct niche on which you can write blogs. Before writing the blog it is very important that the topic you have selected you have done vast research and it should be a current topic and there are several paid and unpaid tools which can simplify your search and give you the exact picture of the trends going on the internet and you can choose the topic accordingly. People are always keen to know about the current events and always want to stay updated about the thing going around them, so it is very important to write according to the events going around you. Also, keep in mind the topics should not only be current but should also be related to the selected niche.

5) Rejuvenate the Old Post

If you are a blogger and you have been writing blogs for few years you must have a collection of blogs, rejuvenating your old posts are very important, because trends change and scenarios change, and in order to match with what’s going on currently it is very important to modernize your most and match the pace of the world. Blogger should be well informed and should have awareness about the changes which are coming in the world related to his/her niche.

This will help you to increase the traffic and followers on your site since your website is updated and you always have something current and fresh to tell them.

6) Take Help of other Bloggers to Advertise your Blog

Blogging is a very difficult profession and it makes it more difficult when it has such aggressive competition. To maintain your numbers you can add links of other influencers in your post and in this way you are complementing the blogger and since you are appreciating their work they can help you to increase the traffic of your website by returning the favor. If they can see the content you have mentioned about them is true, then that cordial relationship will help you to build great traffic on your site. You can also let them know about the content you have posted through the comment section and on their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages.

7) Design Multi-Media Blog Content

Creating and designing multi-media blog content is the most important technique to grow your website’s traffic because it targets a different audience with various types of content. For Instance, if you have an infographic blog that is liked by the majority of your followers and if you want to target a different audience you can’t create video content for the same topic and improve your chances to grow your website’s traffic. Most of the people like variety in their lives and the same goes for the content, you can show the same content in different ways to attract followers.


These 7 simple steps will help you to increase the traffic on your websites, the traffic would not come that easy, to get good followers you have to work really hard and follow the above steps to achieve what you have aimed for. Slow and steady wins the race, keep calm and patient and you will definitely win the race.