So, you’re planning to buy a new cellphone? With all the new features and functionalities of the new phone, it seems just too alluring to hold yourself up. Yes, we all need new cellphones at some point in time. Be it for the new excellent features, or maybe the old one getting too outdated, we all get that itch to buy ourselves a brand new mobile phone.

But what to do with the old one? This is a question that often bothers us. Throwing it away just doesn’t seem right. You can always sell used cellphones, but that’s a given. What other uses can it have? Is throwing it away the only option?

The answer is no. You can use your old cellphone in several different ways that will not only help in your daily life but add a gadget to it that otherwise would have been thrown away. Let’s check them out.

Alarm Clock

Turning your old cellphone into a permanent bedside companion is fairly easy. Your smartphone is likely to already have an in-built alarm function. Even if you are not using it for calling, you can still use the apps you’ve downloaded on it.

If you have access to Wi-Fi, you can even download new alarm apps or apps that help you sleep better.

Home Security

Turning your old cellphone or tablet into a homesecurity system is another thing you can do. Smartphones nowadays come with pretty decent cameras and all you need to do is set it up at proper locations in your home to get a brilliant homesecurity system at no extra costs.


Having an entire library of books at the palm of your hands isn’t difficult anymore. And you don’t even have to buy a new e-reader to do it. You can easily turn your old smartphone or tablet into a dedicated reading device. All you need to do is download the proper apps, which you can always do over a Wi-Fi, and then download the e-books and voila! You’ll have a device full of books you’ve always wanted to read at no extra costs and without depleting the storage space on your new device.

Entertainment Device

Smartphone storage space has grown by leaps and bounds over the years and chances are that your old phone still has enough space to store tons of music. So, you can easily turn your old cellphone into a portable media player without having to spend hundreds on a new one. Think of all the advantages you get with it. You don’t have to worry anymore about dropping that expensive music player and ruining it.

You can also watch movies on it if you like. Just store some movies on it and you’ll up for some great movie time. This way, the storage space on your current device will not be taken up and you can enjoy your movies without worrying.

Camera for Your Kids

Smartphones nowadays come with pretty impressive cameras built-in. And if you are looking for something that’ll help your kids in learning the ABCs of photography and take great pictures, your old cellphone might help with that. So, allow your kids to use the camera on your old device and watch them grow their photography skills.

Donate Your Gadget

Another way to make good use of your old cellphone is to donate it to a good cause. You can find multiple charities accepting old smartphones and tablets that will be used to help those in need. They can use them for fundraising to help their cause. Or if you plan to donate it to spousal abuse centers, they will distribute the phone to women and children in abusive situations and they can call emergency numbers in the event of abuse.

Handle Emergencies

Even without an active mobile plan, you can still dial emergency numbers using it. This is because the law enforces that all cellphones should be able to dial emergency numbers even without an active mobile plan running on it.

So, keep your device charged and always near you or your dear ones and it can serve a great deal in emergencies.

With these brilliant ideas of using your old cellphone, it would be a real waste to just throw it away. Additionally, you can always sell used cellphones for a great price. So, just don’t throw away your old smartphone, or don’t let it lie around unused. Use the excellent ideas given here and find a great use for your old device.