Getting your aligners can be a whole new experience especially for first-timers. We see a lot of patients anticipate and prepare for their clear trays sometimes with nervousness, and other times with full confidence.

Well, Invisalign is all about restoring your smile, but the procedure may pose a little challenge so here’s what we advise: ensure your mouth gets the right care and form an oral hygiene routine you can stick to and that works for you.

One thing to note is that you are going to be having the aligners in your mouth for 22 hours per day; a serious task, right? And the clear trays will cause a little discomfort to your teeth plus you won’t evade pain. But the good news is that we have compiled a to-do list of 6 tricks and tips that will help you achieve high-level comfort in the course of your Invisalign treatment.

So, check these tips out:

  • Keep your tongue free from harm
  • Take care of any discomfort and pain
  • Chew on Movements after wearing your tray
  • Monitor how much you wear the trays every day
  • Safely take out your aligners
  • Make sure your trays are clean and spotless

We will go ahead to explain these tips in full.

Keep Your Tongue Free from Harm

Plastic material is used in making Invisalign. So, it is possible that you will have sores as treatment starts and as you switch trays, however your mouth will adjust to having the aligners. In a bid to help you adjust faster, we recommend the use of wax to cover plastic edges that are rough and sharp. Simply get a little amount of wax, roll it between your fingers and cover the sharp edges. There are times when you could have some uneven sections on the aligners that wax cannot take care of, seek your orthodontist’s help to file them down.

Having a bottle of peroxide-based mouthwash as part of your Invisalign-pain hack is a fantastic idea too. This mouthrinse is a special formula that alleviates mild dental discomfort in the course of this orthodontic work. It also relieves pain in the teeth and gum with a soothing, foamy effect that targets the pain area. A bottle of this wonderful pain reliever can be a great addition to best invisalign in London.

Take Care of Any Discomfort and Pain

Jaw pain and dental discomfort are part of the Invisalign treatment. There’s no doubt about this. Clear aligners are designed to shift your teeth with a gradual, gentle pressure that’s new to the teeth. That’s how the pain comes. But to help you go through it, we advise you engage in chewing exercises for a number of times per day, and each time you wear your trays again. The benefit of this technique goes beyond relieving pain to ensure your teeth moves in harmony with your treatment plan.

Do you know that chewing is a form of gum massage? That’s true! As you chew, blood rich in nutrients flow to the mouth – acting as an organic pain reliever. This approach also make your trays fit very well so that the teeth can move.

Styrofoam chewies help in the chewing process and orthodontists still give patients this. However, if these are not cleaned thoroughly, they will get dirty and look very awful.

Chew on Movements as you Go About Your Activities

Oh yes! This is a great deal of chewing exercise on a daily basis. Before now, patients were made to chew on suction tips or ball point pen. But these materials didn’t seem healthy enough or appealing for use. This challenge lead to the production of Movemints – a chewie that provides the comfort of giving you a fresh breath plus helping your trays sit very well. Around the world, so many patients are subscribing to this low-key, methodic mint that fits Invisalign aligners.

Movemints are a perfect alternative to chewie foam. Made without sugar and sweetness from beneficial xylitol, these mints have a great taste and combat mouth dryness. You can wear your trays and eat them.

Monitor How Much You Wear the Trays Every Day

Taking to clear aligners may not be so easy. But, you can take them out easily. The problem with this convenience is that it makes users feel a little bit carefree about wearing their aligners. Based on this, orthodontists usually prefer that adults and older teens use clear aligners. Your timeline for treatment can be extended when you don’t put on your aligners for the recommended 22 hours a day.

To help manage your timing for each day’s use of aligners, there are many tools that can be of help. For example, the TrayMinder is a mobile app that informs you of your wear and not-wear times, and when to switch to a new set of aligners.

Having the correct accessories for your Invisalign treatment is also helpful. An extra retainer case is very important to have. You can have more than one for different places like inside your backpack, bag, office, and purse. This will prevent any loss of aligners.

A highly advanced retainer case like the nCase monitors when you put on your trays with a smartphone app integration. This smart case will inform you if you’ve overkept your trays outside your mouth, so you can better manage your time.

Safely Take Out Your Aligners

The OrthoKey is a unique and safe aligner removal tool that sees to it that your trays are safe and healthy when you take them out. This is designed to fit into the retainer case for ease of carriage.

It is not that you can’t use your fingers to remove your trays, but the thing is they become tighter in the course of treatment. What does this mean for you? It implies there may be difficulty trying to remove the trays, but with the hook of OrthoKey, your aligners can come off in a bit while saving you of the mild injuries your fingers may cause accidentally when they lose their grip.

At our practice, we offer a range of innovative aligner accessories designed to give you comfort during treatment. These materials ensure your aligners get the best care and your dental hygiene is improved greatly.

Make Sure Your Trays are Clean and Spotless

While on invisalign treatment, you may be tempted to want to sip that favourite coffee brand, red wine, or tea. It’s not entirely bad but you shouldn’t keep this up. Besides, be very conscious of your schedule if you want to break the rule a little. Few hours or days to the end of an Invisalign tray cycle may not cause any major discolouration of aligners if you cheat. But we hope you don’t cheat at all!

There are great on-the-go sprays you can use when the colour of your trays begin to fade. A quick action cleanser with great taste like Smile Saver Spray from Soluria can take out those germs and bacteria from your trays with one or two pumps. With this, there’s no need to rinse off your aligners. Contact us for more information on how to keep your aligners looking spotlessly clean.

Form and Adhere to a Regimen

While receiving Invisalign treatment, do well to build a personal regimen that covers great oral practices and hygiene you can keep up with. Adding the Invisalign tips here can increase your level of comfort during treatment.

Should you have any further concern or questions, direct them to us at the Dental Clinic London. We also urge you to share your personal Invisalign tricks and tips to help others who want to restore their smile.