Facebook is recently gaining a huge appreciation, especially amongst the marketers who are more attentive on social media. In fact, we find people investing more in social media marketing in comparison with other marketing techniques.

One most significant and demanding social media marketing practice is advertising. Yes, here we are talking about running ads on Facebook. We guess you are quite much aware of it. If you hire social media marketing services in Delhi or in other places, this always remains at the first priority.

Are you interested in running social media ads, especially on Facebook? Here we come up with some amazing types that will awe you in second. The ad campaigns run on Facebook are not the same. They carry different goals, different varieties, and categories.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

5 Different Facebook Ad Types To Help Marketers Gaining Engagement

  1. Lead Ads: Lead ads are specially designed for mobile users. These ads are perfect if you are looking for subscriptions and want your users to register or sign up with their details. They can add their information without typing a lot.

    Lead ads are basically a lead form where the users have to submit their information. These ads, no doubt,create a huge flow in the sales funnel. But make sure you read the guide before running these ad campaigns.
  2. Dynamic Ads: Dynamic ads are designed to promote targeted products to the right audience. The ads get reflected in the timeline if the person is found interested in the products in the recent past.
     Let us explain this to you. Suppose a person has recently visited your page, browse your products or services but haven’t placed an order. He or she will find the product ad or service ad while scrolling the Facebook timeline. This reminds the potential customer about the product he may want to purchase and excite them to do the same.

    Dynamic ads play a significant role in Facebook marketing. Just don’t forget it.
  3. Collection Ads: Collection ads are also offered on mobile devices. If you scroll down the Facebook timeline, you will find a set of ads displaying multiple products at a time. You can simply swipe the ads to find more.
     If you combine your collection ads with your instant experience ads, you can buy products online without leaving Facebook. That’s an added pro. If you want to add convenience to online shopping for your customers, you can surely choose this ad combo technique and run it on Facebook.
  4. Carousel Ads: Carousel ads are similar to the collection ads. Like the previous one, this particular ad type also comes in multiple ads where you can swipe to view other ads. The only difference is you can use this type to showcase brand benefits, highlight products, and services, promoting your brand in different ways.

    Have you seen a billboard where multiple things are showcased at a time? Carousel ads are the same which you can view on Facebook. Here you can use a maximum of 10 images or videos at a time and advertise your brand, building engagement.
  5. Messenger and Stories Ads: We all know, Facebook has a separate app for messages named Facebook Messenger. And this is accessed by 1.3 billion people across the globe. This what made Facebook come up with Messenger ads, allowing marketers to leverage with more prospects.
    If you choose Messenger ads, you can feature a call-to-action that you can use to open Messenger conversation with your Facebook Page. Your customer can click the conversation and have a talk with the brand person directly.


The aforesaid Facebook Ad types are just a few. If you dig deep, you can come across several more on the list. These include instant experience ads, augmented reality ads, playable ads, in-stream video ads, image ads, etc.

Are you ready to create and run such ads for your brand? Don’t forget to follow the strategies. You can even hire PPC management services in Delhi or Kolkata and get better guidance.