Whether it is for a business facility or for an event venue, you need id badge holders to keep employee identification cards or passes. These days we can see the popular use of customized lanyards attached with the id or badge holders.

Not only do they look super personalized for the premises they are being used, they are functional as well. There are so many customized id badge holder lanyard manufacturers that offer affordable and quality products. You can customize the lanyards according to your liking to make an impact on your business.

Below we have listed some of the things that you should keep in mind while customizing lanyards for badge or id holders. Continue to read till the end to find out.

1. Make it Look Professional

The lanyards you customize for id or badge holders must be professional. Don’t go overboard with the design and include limited elements to it. Stick to adding your company’s name or logo over it. Also, make sure that you choose the relevant base color so that your company logo or name appears to be visible.

A professional looking lanyard grabs the attention from the right people. Say you are wearing a customized lanyard holding a visiting card then the right color and logo will make it professional and recognizable.

2. Customization Charges Applied

When customizing your lanyards, you have to make sure that the prices or charges of the product is reasonable. Since you won’t be ordering for a single piece. You’ll be placing a bulk order for it.

Now, there are many manufacturing companies that would apply customization charges but you must know it that customization doesn’t include any extra charge. Also, the authentic custom lanyard manufacturers offer free revisions so that you can make amends to it in case you don’t like the proof item.

3. Ensure Premium Quality Material

The id cards are supposed to be worn throughout the working hours. Therefore, the custom lanyards for id or badge holders are going to be around the neck of the employees for at least 8 hours.

That’s a pretty long time. You have to ensure that the material you choose to manufacture the custom lanyards are of premium quality. The nylon or polyester made lanyards are the most preferred as they are easy on skin and don’t feel uncomfortable even worn for a long time.

4. Strong Lanyard Attachment

The lanyard attachment you choose while customizing must be strong enough. As it will attach your id badge holder with the customized lanyard. You don’t want them to be of flimsy quality that would fall off easily.

The best lanyard manufacturing companies produce durable premium quality lanyards that offer the best of everything. From the material used to make the lanyards to the type of attachment added, everything is best in quality.


So, get started with your customization for lanyards and place orders for the best custom lanyards for id or badge holders. Make sure to consider the above enumerated things in your mind while customizing it online.