Being an oenophile is not easy. Belding your passion for wine collection with the urge to showcase it stylishly will mean that you will need a wine cellar at your home. Modern houses or apartments are not created with the basement cellar in mind. That is why you need to find out space for the wine cellar in your home so that you can create the perfect place where the wine can age well and reach its perfect taste and aroma. At the same time, the cellar should be a place that will attract a lot of attention from your guests.

Planning Home Wine Cellars For Your Collection

So, if you are planning for home wine cellars, you need to make sure that you are creating a space that is visually spectacular. Wine cellars are signs of sophistication and class. Your wine cellar will not only keep wine in the optimum temperature and humidity but will also help you display them in style. Here, in the following points, you will get to see some luxury wine cellars ideas that will be perfect for your collection. Take a look.

A Penthouse Wine Wall

In Houston, you might be living in a penthouse that boasts a spacious living space for you. For a place like this, choosing the most exquisite style of wine display is a perfect choice. Keeping that in mind, you can design an I-shaped wine cellar. The wine racks will be wall-mounted and glass-enclosed. You can choose the racks where the wine bottles will be laid vertically giving you a complete look at the label without touching the wine bottle. You can create a cabinet type of look with the wooden framed glass doors. When you are opting for custom wine cellars Houston, you can also get in-built cooling units that will keep your collection safe at the right temperature. The wine will age well while this style will add a touch of glamour to your home interior.

Rustic with a Twist

If you have an entire room that you can dedicate to your wine cellar, then there is nothing like it! Having a wine room is the new form of owning a wine cellar, except the wine room is more glamorous and functional. So, you can design the wine room in the most beautiful way with a rustic twist. Use a wooden accent for the room so that it will look amazing. Blend in glass to the décor to add up more character. You can opt for glass and wrought iron door and a pendant light that will illuminate the space and envelop it in a golden glow.

Luxe Organization

This particular style is meant for houses that have a luxurious living space and a taste of luxe appeal. Design and create the wine racks with mahogany wood.This will be classy in look and vibe. If the space is enough, you can add wine room furniture in this cellar too. Choose the lights carefully for the space so that it looks elegant. As displaying the look of the cellar is also important, choose insulated glass and wrought iron framing for the door.

High End Functional Design

This particular wine cellar design is for homes where the space is limited. If you can find a place that will be almost as big as a closet, then going for this style is the best option for you. As the space is limited, go for wooden wall-mounted racks till the ceiling of the house. Use two or more different types of racking systems inside the cellar so that you can display the bottles stylishly. Use tags for the bottles so that you don’t have to move the bottles and affect the sedimentation process.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these four ideas and you will be able to create the perfect wine cellar in your home with bespoke luxury.