Technology is growing with the fastest pace and the internet has made our life so much easier for interacting with our peers and relatives. These days, every child owns a separate phone and has managed to become tech-savvy.

Many of them own iPhone that is prevalent for its high-end security, easy-to-use interface, and amazing features. They take advantage of it for various things such as chatting with close friends, playing games, watching favorite cartoons and shows, and surfing the internet.

There’s also a huge amount of inappropriate stuff available on the net that kids should not come across. As a responsible guardian, it’s necessary for you to monitor and administrate their cell phone activities. That’s why; you need the best Parental monitoring appsfor iPhone that can support you to safeguard them from the imminent threats of the web.

There are dozens of tools that promise to track and protect your children, but only a few actually give you the mental peace that they are safe. The majority of apps need so many settings and technical expertise.

Therefore, we have tested and assessed famous tools to find the best kids monitoring software to guard your children. They have all the detecting features that you will need to keep them secure on their gadgets.

4 Best Parental Monitoring Apps


It is multi-purpose spyware that is designed to support parents’ enjoy full control over their children’s phones. By using iphone spy app, you can secretly and remotely view what they do on their gadgets. It is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and many other operating systems.

You can access their text messages, emails, saved contacts, images, and videos without seeking their consent. With the GPS location tracker, you can get to know about where they are strolling. You can spy on their social media and dating apps to watch what sort of messages they exchange and who is in contact with them.

If they send their private pictures to someone, you can block that user secretly. It also offers web browsing history, web filtering, call recording, and screen recording features. It sends all the captured information to your web portal.


It is the best kids tracking tool that is extremely flexible and help you to generate healthy online boundaries for your children in several ways. It’s filtering technology works automatically, so it protects them from unsuitable content.

However, if you want, you can also block gaming, social media, and gambling sites. It empowers you to establish screen time limits, so they will be able to use their devices in specific hours only.

In case, if they are in trouble, the panic button allows them to send a location-based notification instantly with just a single click. The family locator enables you to track their precise location in real-time on Google maps. It works efficiently with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Kindle. 


It is the most advanced surveillance tool for iPhone users. It helps you protect your offspring from online harms and dangers. The app provides an opportunity to block unsuitable websites and monitor what sort of content kids watch. When they play an age-restricted video on YouTube, it sends you an alert instantly. You can set a list of words and phrases that they can use to search for videos on YouTube.

When they will utilize those words, you will obtain a notification. It has various exceptional functions such as image detector, web browsing history, app blocking, location tracker, and much more. You can effortlessly install it on any device and control it from anywhere and at any time.


This user-friendly app has been very popular for a long time. It sends you live location updates automatically, so there’s no need to check manually where your kids are. It lets you block inappropriate webpages, supervise browsing history and social media activities, view stored media, and much more.

A report is produced according to your requirements, so you can view your child’s doings on his phone. It operates well with IOS models and you have to pay $12 for its monthly subscription. 


Criminals, sexual predators, and other threats pose a risk to innocent offspring in today’s technological world. These best Parental monitoring apps for iPhone offer a simple solution to keep them protected even when you are not with them.