We put understudies at the central point in anything we do. Working with higher instruction education for approximately a decade presently, at openSIS, we know the challenges understudies confront amid their graduation well.

Our AI-infused, higher-education-centered application changes the gloomy and boring understudy support into an instinctive, wholesome encounter that creates them lifelong self-learners. 

We develop a sense of back right from understudy enlistment, confirmations, through to maintenance. All through the understudy travel, we are by your side, moving forward the way information is assembled, collated, analyzed, shared, and acted on. In this way, engaging both staff and understudies with what they most merit towards accomplishing organization greatness.

Student Recruitment

Creating a personalized channel that can offer assistance to your institution by effectively overseeing the whole enrollment travel from request through to graduated class can be a genuine source of “student empowerment”. We believe it is so at openSIS. 

Usually why we center more on understudy enrollment, the step where the understudies are at the limit of their graduation. At openSIS, we offer a way for a speedy, successful, and productive strategy of communication, and get to all openings to upgrade their student experience. 

We help attract and keep up the consideration through a portable app that places the complete campus within the palm of their hands, giving data they require at their fingertips. Our energetic CRM tracks, forms, and examinations information into compelling individual encounters that the understudies need. They are with extraordinary encounters through personalized interactions-from starting engagement to their affirmation.

Student Lifecycle Management – 360 degree 

Right from confirmations to enrollment, we take total control of the understudy life with our Understudy Data Framework program. With Creatrix our SIS, everything gets to be simple. Understudies get more astute and profitable with quick information in their hands. 

Fair by pulling out their phones, they get to check their course plans, get course points of interest, evaluation, and task dates, make online entries, track their execution, apply for takeoff, chat with their coaches, etc. There are various ways to address the career way, elect individual back plans within the shape of understudy prompting, take up customizable appraisals that degree, analyze, track the capacities of understudies, etc.

Student Flexibility 

Another way by which we cultivate understudy encounters at Creatrix is by boosting Understudy Adaptability. That’s in truth is one of the sweet spots! We strongly lock-in understudies by permitting them to appreciate a choice-based credit framework, guide inclination, online classes, and installments for expenses. 

Other than that, they too get to effortlessly select and pay as they go, enlist and checkout, look and discover courses through catalogs, make and oversee accounts, want part solicitations and grants, survey learning materials effortlessly, voice out their grievances, etc.

Student Finance

We have apparatuses for comprehensive expense administration that streamline the whole charge handling and make it simple for understudies. They can effortlessly check their qualification and self-register for their offline and online courses, oversee funds/refunds, apply for money-related help, all on the go! Tracking and posting expenses for affirmation, lodging, library, and other activities in student accounts are wiped out many clicks.

Student Mentoring

Creatrix leverages understudy victory by letting them be on the correct scholastic way through to completion and keeps them on it. With easy-to-use scholastic arranging, real-time experiences in degree necessities, qualification, enrollment, execution, maintenance, we keep understudies educated about their advance at each step of their graduation. 

We have a total scholastic record with analytics for guides to donate personalized suggestions. There are real-time experiences in the student’s way counting maintenance, enrollment, execution, to keep understudies educated about their scholastic advance at each step of their graduation.

Student Records

Having all student records housed in a single place gives students the advantage of accessing them when they most need them. 

openSIS gives easy availability of student-related data, tools to manage all enrollment-related activities, including various registration methods, learning assessments, and completion of educational objectives.

Student Engagement

openSIS makes a difference in construct engagement by teaching superior understudy association in terms of personalized learning conveyance, action divider, gatherings, dialogues, surveys, dynamic learning, and social intelligence.

There are instruments to construct an understudy community, permitting collaborative space to memorize and back each other with in-class exercises and self-learning. To cultivate communication and to keep understudies on track there are choices to post joins, tips, clues, and updates. There are way better ways to lock in by giving prompt input around courses, workforce, institutions, through a course assessment system.

Student Outcomes

Creatrix comes with a total direction framework to assist accomplish results, oversee evaluation, and review. We offer assistance arranging out a well-laid degree way with situation, employability, and career improvement opportunities.

On Mobile 

These days the understudy populace inclines toward flavoring up their college life with their “connected devices”. We esteem this computerized change generally at openSIS. With the portable apps on their hands, they arrange for their course enrollment, enlist for courses, wrap up course assessments, pay expenses online, choose monetary help or part portions, know about their grades and evaluations, and receive instant thrust notices to create educated scholastic choices.

Being cloud-ready

We are cloud-ready, so students can take complete advantage of the cloud version, by experiencing anytime, anywhere learning with automatic updates and complete data security. 

With understudies being the heart of our SIS, our arrangement advances a rising above 

understudy involvement all through. Understudies have moment data with information on their hands, superior responsibility, way better communication, superior scholarly arranging, superior scholarly records, a higher way to assess courses—altogether distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved” a much better instructive encounter. Contact us to know more.